Funny: Oryx and Crake

  • The Crakers, due to their basic innocence, provide a lot of these when faced with the surviving "regular" humans. As just one example, because they are used to the vocative when addressing others ("Oh Snowman"), they think that a hallucinating Jimmy's cries of "Oh fuck" are invocations of a godlike creature called, you guessed it, Fuck. Toby's attempts to handle this challenge cause some serious corpsing on the part of Zeb.
    • Snowman's attempt at figuring how the three react at the end of Oryx and Crake is laugh out loud material.
  • Despite, you know, the fact that everyone on earth is dead, Atwood has written a book that is at times truly hilarious.
  • "Adam named the living animals, Maddaddam names the dead ones"
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