Funny / K-PAX

  • "Doctor...Doctor...Doctor...Doctor...Doctor. How many doctors are there on this planet?"
  • prot asks Powell's wife about a picture of a young man in their home.
    Rachel: That's Michael. Mark's son from his first marriage.
    prot: How many marriages has he had?
    Rachel: Just the two. So far.
    prot: so far?
  • During prot's going-away party, Howie is collecting essays from the patients telling prot why they feel they should be the one he takes back to K-PAX. Then one of the hospital staff hands one in and backs away with a shrug.
    • Later, the same staff member is guarding prot's door overnight, and when another staff member passes by they make an on-the-spot bet on if prot is actually going to leave or not.
  • After prot returns from his trip "up north", Powell is angry with him maintaining he really did leave, leading to this exchange.
    Dr. Powell: What would you say if I were to tell you that I don't think you took any trip at all, to Greenland or Iceland or anywhere? That I don't believe you're from K-PAX? I believe you're as human as I am?
    prot: I would say you're in need of a thorazine drip, doctor.