Fridge Horror / Toys

  • The Polly Pocket line of dolls used to have the Sparklin Pets gimmick, but now after their recent retool they have been replaced by ''My Cutants''. Guess.
  • Some of the dolls in the Monster High toyline can be said of this trope because most of the characters are undead: first there is Frankie Stein who could possibly be made from dead teenagers, Ghoulia who is a zombie teenager, Spectra who is a ghost of a teenager, and finally there is Draculaura who was turned into a vampire ages ago.
    • Spectra even mentions dying in the TV special. Yikes.
    • Don't forget that Draculaura is 1600 years old, and has been in High School for all this time, presumably watching many different groups of friends age, move on and die. That and her relationship with Clawd (who ages naturally) could never last, because she is over a thousand years old and he is seventeen.
    • It gets even worse, an upcoming character named C.A. Cupid has wings that look very normal and stylized from the front, until you look at them from the back and they resemble a popped open rib cage complete with a spine.
      • Especially when you consider that it bears a striking resemblance to the wounds caused by a form of execution known as "Carving the Blood Eagle".