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Fridge: Dragon Slayer
  • Galen and Valerian's father work on the spear The Blacksmith created as a weapon against the dragon Vermithrax. When Tyrian — fulfilling The Dragon trope — tries to stop Galen from rescuing Princess Elspeth, Galen uses that spear to kill Tyrian.
    • One better according to the novelization: The spear was specifically enchanted to kill dragons. Galen is lacking in combat skills, but the spear itself was drawn to the dragon symbol on Tyrian's chest.
      • The spear was made to kill Dragons. Tyrian was The Dragon.

  • Some complain that if Galen simply had sex with Valerian, she'd be spared from the Lottery. However, "virgin" in the Middle Age setting context may just mean a woman below a certain age, since if being a virgin was a qualification, it's pretty obvious other girls in the village would have thought of that escape clause far earlier. Besides, Vermithrax is not a god - she is a mother feeding her young and herself. Doubtful she'd care if the food had sex or not.
    • Though in turn, it becomes bizarre that Vermithrax only wanted young girls.
    • If only girls are served to it... Vermithrax probably thought the priest was a nice meal, too.
      • Also, guess how young the girls would be if older teens did have sex? Would you rather offer up a teenager or a little girl?

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