Film: Magical Disappearing Money

"Let’s just say that if Mr. B Natural got really high and dressed like a 1950's Chesterfield, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference."

Saving you money - whether you want her to or not.

Magical Disappearing Money is a 1974 short about saving money explained by a witch in a supermarket to a crowd of shoppers. It is notable for the witch, heir to Mr. B Natural (according to the guys at Rifftrax).

The short provides examples of:

  • And That's Terrible: The witch has this attitude towards processed food.
  • Berserk Button: Processed food and fancy packages for the Witch.
    Kevin Murphy: Her hathred of fanciness will NOT be over-estimated!
  • Satan: The Witch has hints of this, and the Rifftrax treatment milks this for all they're worth.
    Bill Corbett: (as the Witch): JOIN ME IN THE ABYSS OF SAVINGS!
  • The Scrooge: The witch's outlook on grocery shopping is to buy raw materials and cook it yourself the way you want. Of everything. Including milk, which she recommends powdered, and who needs pudding cups when you can make pudding in a bowl - which is so handy when you put it in a lunch bag.
  • Society Marches On: 1974 California was dealing with economic issues, thanks to Governor Ronald Reagan.
  • Take That: To processed foods (especially frozen ones) in the actual short.