Driven To Suicide / Newspaper Comics

  • Beetle Bailey
    • Subverted/parodied: "Killer" Diller has threatened to kill himself after being told off by his girlfriend. The others find him "doing it slowly" — smoking two cigarettes at a time.
    • Left hanging another time, in one variation of a reused gag where Beetle overhears the guys planning to pull a prank on him by calling in pretending to be Sarge. Then the real Sarge calls in and buys it when Beetle pretends to be the General and tells him to do something absurd. In this one instance, Beetle says he's disappointed in him and he can just go tie a rock around his neck and jump into water. The last panel shows Sarge about to do so. It's Played for Laughs and forgotten immediately afterwards; presumably he didn't do it.