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Creator: Rex Harrison
That's Sir Rex Harrison to you.

The important thing is to learn through experience.
The more you do the more you learn. I don't think
anyone can teach acting from a podium.
Rex Harrison

Born in Lancashire as Reginald Carey Harrison on March 5, 1908, he changed his name to Rex as a boy with the knowledge that it was Latin for "king." He started his theater career in his teens in Liverpool. In spite of botching his first small role, he was able to retain his job and made his breakthrough appearance in "French Without Tears", a play by Terence Rattigan. His film debut was in The Great Game in 1930. His acting career was briefly put on the back burner in favor of serving in the Royal Air Force in WWII.

He attained international fame when he portrayed the King in Anna and the King of Siam 1946, his first American film. He also stared as the eponymous ghost in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. In spite of admittedly having a vocal range of "one and half notes," Rex was offered the role of Professor Henry Higgins in the original production of "My Fair Lady" in 1956 and again later in the film adaptation in 1964. He won the Tony for the play and an Oscar for the film version.

Off screen, he gained a reputation for being very domineering and hard to work with, especially after his success in My Fair Lady and Doctor Doolittle. He was also a serial philanderer, marrying six times in total and earning the nickname "sexy Rexy." His marriage drama was know to disrupt filming almost as much as his own bad behavior.

In 1989 he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Rex Harrison died of pancreatic cancer three weeks after his last stage appearance, as Lord Porteous in W. Somerset Maugham's "The Circle".

Roles include:

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