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Awesome: The Longest Journey
  • The Longest Journey may be a old game with graphics from the stone age, but its storyline, characters and dialogue (not to mention Crow) is what makes it one of the greatest games ever.
  • April and her diary is full of irony. For example:
    "Sundays are made for sleeping in. Sundays are made for walking around in baggy clothes, watching movies, nursing headaches and hanging out with your friends at the cafe. Sundays are NOT made for going to the worst neighbourhood in town to find a kid who might be able to give you the information necessary to infiltrate a powerful cult that plans to take over the known universe. That's what Mondays are for."
    • April trying to use a computer like apparatus:
    April: F.U.B.?
    Terminal: Fair Use Bureau. They are authorized to carry deadly weapons."
  • And then there is Crow. He is the talking bird side-kick that makes this game good. Quotes? I can't see why not:
April: Crow, I need you to fly over there and get some of those berries for me. And Crow?
Crow: Yes, ma'am?
April: Don't eat the berries.
Crow: No, ma'am."
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