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Awesome: The General
The General
  • Raj, channeling Center, guides a squadron of ships into an enemy harbor:
    Dinnalsyn: "Spirit, it's really working. Spirit, maybe he is a bleeding avatar."

The Buster Keaton film
  • Johnnie Gray deciding to get back his girl and his engine.
  • Johnnie Gray beating every trap the Union lays for him.
  • Johnnie Gray finding the General at the Union yard and storming into the cab, retaking his engine at last.
  • The shot of a locomotive falling through a bridge into a river, the single most expensive shot of the entire silent era.
  • The cannon sequence, keeping in mind all that was done when computers, let alone CGI, were decades away so everything that's happening is 100% real and had to be timed accordingly. To get one shot, Keaton had to measure out the cannon's powder charge with tweezers.
  • Johnnie clearing a board off the tracks by hitting it with another board, tiddlywinks style. In his usual fashion, Keaton seems completely unfazed as the huge piece of wood flies past his face.

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