Awesome / Project X

  • Costa and Thomas successfully fooling the cops, by way of hiding the entire party in the back, making them be quiet, and keeping them out of the house by citing law stuff they probably learned on television. And when they leave...
    Costa: To the break of dawn, Y'all!
  • Thomas's acceptance of his party being awesome, despite all the shit he'll endure. He flips off the news cameras and then jumps off the roof of his house onto a bouncy house.
  • Despite the midget being an Ungrateful Bastard, him punching Costa in the nuts is pretty cathartic, especially since it's one of the only few punishments he gets throughout the film.
    • An earlier scene has Costa mocking Thomas to the camera while they're in the car. Thomas slams the brakes at a red light causing the camera to slam into Costa's head.
  • Watching the party descend from a standard gathering into an orgy of sex and chaos can be awesome to behold. Particularly when T-Rick shows up with his flamethrower, with both the partygoers and police trying to take him down. Then the dash into the crumbling house to rescue Milo the dog, and the mad scramble by hundreds of people to leave the scene as police fire dozens of flashbangs into the mob.