Awesome / Lois & Clark

  • In the pilot, a snake is released into Lex's room while he's distracted, making you think it's an assassination attempt. It's actually a training exercise so he can intimidate the snake into backing down with a blood-curdling stare.
    • Even more awesome is that John Shea actually did stare it down when the snake trainer they hired didn't show up.
  • Episode 3 has Superman, incensed at Lex's endangering lives to test his abilities, pointing a gun at him, firing, and catching the bullet before it reaches Lex.
    Superman: You want to see how fast I am?
    • 'Faster than a speeding bullet' indeed.
  • The first season finale has the entire Planet staff working to bring Luthor down.
  • Jimmy beating Clyde Barrow in "That Old Gang of Mine" for Clark's "murder".
  • Lois and Clark finally getting married.
  • After Tempus gets himself elected President and gets Clark stuck in time, Lois recruits an alternate Clark who, in his previous appearance, had never used his powers in public before. He steps up and saves the day.