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Awesome: Lois and Clark
  • In the pilot, a snake is released into Lex's room while he's distracted, making you think it's an assassination attempt. It's actually a training exercise so he can intimidate the snake into backing down with a blood-curdling stare.
    • Even more awesome in that John Shea actually did stare it down when the snake trainer they hired didn't show up.
  • Episode 2 has Superman, incensed at Lex's endangering lives to test his abilities, pointing a gun at him, firing, and catching the bullet before it reaches Lex.
    Superman: You want to see how fast I am?
    • 'Faster than a speeding bullet' indeed.
  • The first season finale has the entire Planet staff working to bring Luthor down.
  • Jimmy beating Clyde Barrow in "That Old Gang of Mine" for Clark's "murder".
  • Lois and Clark finally getting married.

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