Awesome / Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
aka: Kick Buttowski

Kick is driven to try to make his entire life a series of unbroken crowning moments. But these are the ones that most appeal to the tropers.

  • An entire dodgeball team V.S. Kick. Just Kick. The subsequent ass kicking by Kick is made of awesome.
  • "A Cousin Kyle Christmas" gives Gunther one. Kick is caught in a blizzard trying to get home with an awesome present he sacrificed to get for Kyle. He falls, unable to continue. There's the sound of sleigh bells. "Santa?" asks Kick weakly. The snow clears and it's a shirtless, buffed out Gunther aboard the mighty reindeer he got for Christmas.
  • Kick defying the laws of physics to burst through a freaking mountain in "Mellowbrook Drift".
  • Kick finishes two months' worth of homework in one night, goes over a waterfall in a barrel with Gunther, then uses junk from the junkyard to build a screaming-guitar-solo-powered windsurfer. That breaks the speed of sound.
  • Kick pretty much lives for this trope.
  • Heck, the whole freaking show is built on this, to the point where making a page would be almost redundant.
  • In Bromance, Kick and Brad's date April play a Dance Dance Revolution-style game... that has you riding Mazinger Z-style Mini-Mecha. This show doesn't do anything halfway, does it?
  • "Bad Table Manners" sees Kick and his dad play ping pong, constantly returning each hit even as the table rolls out of the garage into traffic, a park, an opera, a car wash, a wedding, and a skateboard halfpipe before crashing into the house's living room. After all that, Kick wins by scoring one point. Mundane Made Awesome indeed.

Alternative Title(s): Kick Buttowski