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Awesome: inFAMOUS 2
  • Cole's end-game decision on the Good path. Cole willingly pays the price of his life to save millions of other lives. As he fights off The Beast and Kuo, he never wavers from his path despite the fear he feels and faces his end with true courage.
  • Zeke shooting at two Militia on his way to rescue Cole from Bertrand's trap.
  • Late in the game, Cole is going to get the final blast core, when a thunderstorm starts. He draws electricity from the storm, completely flooring the ice conduits, who naturally can't believe what they're seeing.
    UFC Radio: Mother of God!
    UFC Radio: He's taking power from the storm!
    UFC Radio: This is bad!
  • The final mission if you choose the good mission. The hopelessly outgunned Rebels and Militia will fight and cheer you on as you go to activate the RFI.
    • Later in the same mission, Cole fully charges the RFI, jacking his power up to new levels. Instead of activating it, he says "Not yet" and leaps out of the church before flying at The Beast and unleashing all his fury on him, bringing him down for good. And there's no real competition, either. Cole makes the Beast his bitch.
  • Taking down the Behemoth. The epic music, combined with the slow motion of meleeing the Swamp Monsters and the all around awesomeness of taking down something that big.
  • Awesome but for all the wrong reasons. In the bad ending, Zeke despite knowing he stands no chance in hell, still stands against his best friend. "I gotta try", proving that he despite all the stuff he may have done in the first game, he really is a hero and the game makers showing that if you really choose this path, then you deserve the title "the beast"
    • What really sells it is that they don't just use a cutscene. They force you to pull the trigger, and then they make you do it again. And again. It's one of the game's best moments and the player isn't having any fun.
  • Near the end of Infamous: Festival of Blood, before dealing the blow to Mary, this exchange occurs:
    Cole: I'm more than a vampire.
    (player uses Ionic Storm for the first...and only...time in this DLC game)
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