Awesome / Dragonlance

  • The fight between Coryn and Hoarst at the end of The Measure and the Truth was just awesome. The two of them flying through different dimensions firing spells off at each other and ultimately ending the battle in outer space where Coryn and Hoarst get sucked into Solinari's orbit, killing Hoarst, but leaving Coryn alive because she is a White Robed Wizard. It is really one of the few truly epic magical battles that we get to see in Dragonlance.
  • In Dragons of Winter Night, Sturm gains one by saying to hell with the Measure straight in front of Derek Crownguard's face. Later in the book, and far more prominently, there is also his Heroic Sacrifice against Kitiara later in the book.
  • Tasslehoff gets a moment in Dragons of Winter Night when he, in an attempt to convince the humans and elves that it will be worthless to fight against each other, throws the Dragon Orb against Whitestone, shattering it. This moment is then followed by Fizban calling out all the leaders there and telling them they can't use the orb, as well as Theros Ironfeld throwing a Dragonlance at Whitestone right after, shattering it.
  • For the Gold Box games Champions/Death Knight/Dark Queen of Krynn, the fact that your party goes from wet behind the ears rookies to taking down what may as well be 80% of the dragonian population, sealing Lord Soth in another dimension, as well as keeping Takhisis from re-entering the world.
  • For sheer coolness, there's the time Caramon went to parley with a commander at his fortress. When they're turned away, the commander adds insult to injury by firing a massive volley of arrows at Caramon's army. With a flick of his wrist Raistlin causes the entire volley to be consumed mid arc demoralizing the commander.