Awesome / Domo TV
aka: Domo

  • In the Halloween promotion for Target, Domo wins the local contest with a vampire Frankenstein's monster pirate costume. And then everyone does the Domo Shuffle.
  • "Hungry" has Domo not only escaping a bear attempting to eat him, but also duping him multiple times, beaning him with a baseball, and then chasing the bear when he's hungry.
  • "Ice Skating" shows Domo can't skate. However, he comes across the shadow of a whale beneath the ice that guides him across the surface. Domo performs several moves he couldn't do before, and bids the whale farewell when it's over. The whale's shadow then breaks into a school of fish that disperse. Definitely an Awesome Moment for the animation as well as the story.
  • "Rock 'n Roll" features Domo, the fox child, and the little bear attempting rock music with two guitars and the bear's Trash Can Band. A thunderstorm begins, and the rain falls down. Not only do the three keep playing despite the weather, but their playing actually intensifies until the three are hit by lightning offscreen. However, they emerge with rocker hairstyles (Domo sporting a Jimi Hendrix afro), and proceed to perform an awesome rock rendition of the show's theme.

Alternative Title(s): Domo