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Administrivia: Renamed Tropes
aka: Former Trope Name
On my deathbed I will mumble, "Spikeification."

Naming a Trope can be difficult. Generally, there is a trade-off between descriptive naming and clever naming, as many clever names only make sense to members of a particular fanbase. This page is here as an archive of names that were just a little bit too obscure to stay, too easy to misinterpret, too similar to an unrelated trope, not sounding neutral enough, or otherwise deemed unworthy.

Trope names based on a character (or other reference to a specific work) have fallen out of fashion, because not everyone watches the same shows. Some other common themes in renames are:
  • Names based on a character's name, but not making it clear which character with that name was meant.
  • Everything's Worse With Snowclones, so they're used less and less nowadays. Notable example: the "Everything's better with..." names.
  • Trope Decay, where an otherwise appropriate name was being used "wrong", constantly. Eventually it becomes clear that the real demand is for the "wrong" use. Notable example: Moment Of Awesome used to be "Crowning Moment of Awesome", but it wasn't being used for single superlative moments.
  • Using "Trope" as a placeholder.
  • Tropes that had the same name as a work that later got an article.
  • Names that simply don't indicate what the trope is all about. Especially if it suggests something unrelated to most people.
  • And then there are names that nobody ever really liked, even the original author.

See also Trope Transplant, a special case of renaming where the old name is commandeered to make room for a separate trope.

Examples (sorted by new name)

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