Let's Play Pony Fantasy 6 Blind


Safe Haven?

Hello again, and welcome to my LP. Last time, A lot of things happened, and now AJ, Pinkie and Trixie are off to find Twilight after she evolved into Rapidash and flew away. That makes more sense if you read the last instalment.

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention this, but remember how I said I turned the game turn based, instead of the cooldown system? I am in fact not on a turn based system, but still using the cooldown system. I should have mentioned that earlier, but I forgot...

We were told to set off to Canterlot castle, since it can send us near where we have to go. It's not a hard journey.

At Canterlot, I buy a few more tools for Applebloom. One of them seems to be a heal. Useful.

OK, Other than that, there isn't anything else to do, so lets set this castle rolling.

Off to Coltington!

Right... New lands. Let's see what I can find! Well, Coltington, for one. Lets explore.

Hey, I found a secret entrance into a house, It got me a Green Beret.

There's a burnt down house here. A mare in front of it says a equine shaped monster of light did it. Twilight?

In the Inn... it's Fluttershy!

... Why are people saying she is an assassin?

Anyway, she is willing to join our party! If I pay her 3000 Bits... To help her feed animals. Whatever, It's worth it, considering that a good weapon can cost around 2500.

OK, I have left Coltington and are back on the overworld now. I guess I should head west?

At what seems to be the very north of the map, I find a lone house. What's inside?

Right, there is a person here who is saying that people are at there best when at war, and wishes to build a Colosseum. Something tells me I will be back here later.

... Fluttershy just ran off... OK then... She's not back at Coltington either... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

OK, I have no idea where I am meant to go. I'm just wandering aimlessly until I find something.

Aha! At last! I had to walk along the coast down south to find the next place to go.

I'm in a town called Manehattan. Let's rest/gear up/loot/figure out what the hell I am doing.

Hmm, the people here don't seem to think highly of a place called Las Pegasus.

Ah, It seems like Twi headed up north into the mountains from here. I guess that's where I'm going next.

An Auction house? Let's see what's in it. Ah, the action's over.

You know, I can help but notice that this town is full of snobs...

Well, there is not much else here. Lets head up north.

Damn, AJ got KO'ed. Luckily, there is a town nearby, lets see if I can get rest there.

Ah, it's Las Pegasus. It's alot less pleasant looking than I would have hoped... Hmm... It's also very void of people...

Ah, it Contains Random encounters! This isn't a safe haven at all!

OK, there are corpses on the street. I get the message game, this isn't a nice place!

Damn, none of the shops are actually selling, Including the inn.

Ah, the monsters here are strong! I'm constantly needing to heal up!

A clock? It wants me to reset it. I seem to need a specific time to set it to, but I have no idea what that is.

Ah, people in the town are telling me what time it should be, though only one hand of the three on a clock that I need.

Pinkie is literally the only reason I haven't wiped out in this town, the other two are KO'ed now... I think it is due to the fact that she is flying, which means she take no damage from this Magnitude 8 attack which does a crap ton of damage otherwise, as well as her 1000+ damage moves being very helpful, though AJ has one now as well via a 4 hit move.

Wait, a man in the last town said that people here always lie... Does this include what time it is? I'm getting multiple answers for the same hand, so I guess that is true...

OK, I left the town to use the tent item. (Effectively a one time use portable inn, only usable where you can save)

OK, I've ended up in a queue in one of the buildings. I have no idea why there is a queue, but it's forcing me to climb the tower.

OK, I'm going to write down what the people say about the clock time. It will make things easier.

"Random Stallion:I hate fighting, so I'm going to let you pass!" *Starts battle* This town is full of pathological liars, isn't it?

Ah, he's a boss fight. I checked how much HP the guy had. It was just under 7000. Not too bad. Weak against poison too.

Oh god, He spams healing items! He can call back up too. He doesn't do much damage though. That's good.

... He OHKO'ed AJ and Trixie. I take back the low damage part. Luckily, Pinkie finished him off.

Ah, at the top of the building, I find Twilight! She is in a bed. And still in Rapidash form.

A voice called Ramuh says that Twi is scared. I have no idea where it came from.

Ah, he warped in. He's human? He's the first human I've seen all game.

He seems to find it odd we call her Twilight.

Ah, he's waking her up. Let's hope she doesn't kill everyone.

She flies around the room a bit, then collapses in a corner.

Wait, the man is an Esper?

Trixie says that espers live in another dimension (they do? First I've heard of it), so she wonders why he is here.

Ramuh says they can live in both. Makes sense.

He states that they can live in this world under the form of humans. (Which is odd, considering the dominant race are Ponies... In fact, I don't even think there are humans here, other that disguised espers I guess)...

Apparently, ponies and espers can't live together. (The fact that he says ponies, not humans makes me think him taking human and not pony form was not simply an oversight by the developer. Why change the text here, but not elsewhere in the dialogue?)

Originally, Espers and ponies lives together, but then the war of chaos came. The espers fought Unicorns that were empowered by magic extracted from espers.

Not wishing this to happen again, they created a new dimension, to live there away from ponies.

About 20 years ago, ponies (I guess the empire) discovered espers again, and magicteck, and started hunting down and capturing espers. In response, the espers built a big door to keep the ponies out.

Right now, many espers are trapped in the Empire's Magicteck research facility, being drained of there power. Ramuh fled here to avoid this fate.

Ah, so Ramuh saved Twi when he saw she was in trouble.

Twi is... Well, not an esper, but clearly not a simple unicorn. She is something else...

Twi is scared of this aspect of herself, but needs to accept it to be able to recover.

Ramuh asks us to save the espers in the magicteck facility. One of them might be able to help Twilight.

Apparently, you cannot simply drain a live esper of it's power, like they are trying to do at the facility. Only when they are Magicite(I have never heard of that stuff before) can that be done.

Magicite is basically a esper corpse. It's what is left of them when they pass away. Wait, that unicorn jewel I use to teach people magic, that was an esper corpse?!

Ramuh gives us some of his fallen comrades, and... Wait, he kills himself to give us his magicite?! Wow...

I'm going to give Trixie the esper that can teach healing magic.

Well, we should respect his last wishes, lets rescue his brethren in the Facility.

I'm not going to be able to move Twi yet, am I? She should be fine, left in this dangerous town. Alone. Yep, completely fine.

Wait, the other party members are here? Well, the party has an idea.

Huh, It seems Trixie had no idea about the Facility or the espers, though she expects the empire would do things like that.

Yep, the party needs to split up again. Since it doesn't seem like there is actually any reason to have less than a full party, and Trixie and Applebloom are forced into it, I pick Celestia and Luna to try out the new magic. I probably should have picked Pinkie as well, but she does make things easy, so I think I'll see if I can do without.

"Trixie:We can't fly, and one does not simply walk into Stalliongrad". More references!

Bloom says we should head back to Manehattan to look for help.

OK, a random ghost told me how to equip espers, and how to use them to learn magic, and how to summon them.

Wait, lets see If I can solve that clock puzzle.

OK, after about 1000000 attempts (Slight exaggeration) , I got it. It opens a door, that leads to a tool for Bloom. A chainsaw!

I give the Alicorns espers too, before I forget.

OK, back to the overworld.

I think now is a good time to end things. We found Twi, after all.

Until next time. ^_^

Oh yes, I'm going to try to get every party member through the course of this Liveblog. While I don't want any secret members spoilt or anything like that, I would like to know, Is it possible to get Fluttershy back?


Yes, later there is a point you must wait for her. You will probably know it when you see it. At the end of the Floating Continent, don't jump off without her.
AceOfScarabs 18th Jul 12
Fluttershy joins you a few more times for short periods, but does a bit offscreen. She can eventually join you permanently... if you didn't let her get Killed Off For Real.
Mysterion 18th Jul 12