Let's Play Pony Fantasy 6 Blind


I know the way! At last!

Hello again, and welcome to my LP. Last time, We finished with Luna's scenario, and started Applebloom's, who has picked up Trixie in her escape from the empire occupied Canterlot city.

Well, our quest is to head back to Neighshe, right? I still remember the way from here, so for once, I actually know what I am doing!

I enter the caves that lead to the desert where Canterlot castle used to be. I wonder if it is still underground?

What was that?! I hear a rumbling sound. It would be too much to ask for this to be an easy walk, wouldn't it?

You know, I don't remember these types of monsters in the cave the first time around...

Seriously, what is that noise? I keep hearing it.

OK, there is the exit, and... Oh crap, the noise has got really loud!

It's a boss! A tunnel armour!

OK, Trixie is giving me a tutorial on her usage of her Unicorn ability. Using it, she can absorb magic, and then use it to restore her MP.

Right, That wasn't too hard, Just have Trixie use Unicorn, and heal the damage from it's physical attacks, while Bloom uses her attacks, and there was no problem.

Huh, back to the scenario selector already? That was far shorter than Luna's adventures.

Well, I only have one option left, Twilight and Celestia. (And Mayor Mare, but she's only a temp party member, so nobody cares about her ^_^)

Right, we are still riding the rapids when Luna got separated from the mane party. And I'm still being attacked on it like before. I guess the don't let Mayor mare be KO'ed rule still is true.

... Mayor died in the first fight due to an enemy casting a damaging party attack... *Facepalm*

Take two!

OK, done. I should really give one of my Magic users that esper... Wait, It's still equipped to Trixie... I have no idea how to get it off her... Damn it Trixie!

Huh, we landed very close to Neighshe, I'm there already.

The guards are stopping us. How come? Oh, right, Twilight is still wanted by the guards here after killing tons of them in that mech suit... Sorry?

Mayor and Celestia try and intervene, but to no avail. On the bright side, they seem more intent on keeping the town under lockdown, than attacking the party.

So, no entry this way... Wait, what about the tunnel I escaped here in the beginning? Yep, that's the way forward!

Again, there are new monsters in these caves. Nothing I can't handle though!

Huh, a odd light appears and went along a complex path around the rocks that litter this part of the cave there. I guess it wants me to copy that path?

Oh, it's a Will-o-wisp. If I don't follow it, bad things happen.


I forgot it's path already.

OK, I got attacked my monsters, then got sent to the start. Let's try that again...

OK, got it this time.

Hey I found the cave where I protected Twi with the Scootaclone Army. (Still the best thing ever.)

Wait... I think I found where the Scootaclones are hiding!

It's a cave full of Scootaloos! This is the best thing ever!

They make chicken noises. OK then.

Huh, this one isn't moving... It also isn't speaking (Clucking?) like the others. It's not doing anything else though.

Anyway, back to adventure!

OK, out of the cave. No boss fight?

We are back in the strangers house, who first helped Twi.

Ah, he's called Arvis.

Anyway, it seems like the town is trying to stay neutral in the war. Good luck convincing the empire to not attack you guys!

Oh right, we came here to get Twi to try and talk to the esper in the mine.

Right, we go and talk to the towns Elder, (I guess he is the leader?) and while he understands why it would be good to join the republic, he does not want people in the town to die. He seems to think that giving the empire the esper will stop them from attacking. If that is true I will eat my horseshoes.

The Elder states that the war that is happening is basically a repeat of the war of chaos that happened 1000 years ago.

Ah, Luna returns, along with AJ and Pinkie!

They mention the genocide the empire committed at Sweet Apple Castle, and point out that there is zero reason that the empire will not do it here too, but the elder says that the castle was sided with the republic, so they should be fine being neutral.

Ah, Bloom arrives too, along with Trixie!

She has a better way of convincing the town to take action, that the empire is soon going to attack the town! (Oh, right, I remember that now.)

AJ and Trixie confront each over, as AJ recognises her as a empire general, and doesn't trust her. Bloom points out that Trixie has already risked a lot helping bloom.

Twi mentions that she had lived in the empire her whole life, much to AJ's surprise.

Celestia points out that while the leaders of the empire have clearly evil goals, that does not mean all the people in it are evil too.

Luna points out that "THE ENEMY OF THY ENEMY IST THINE FRIEND!" (When did she revert back to capslocks? Just to make a point? She wasn't capslocking when she entered)

Ah, the empire's arrived! Let's see how well your neutrality goes for you, Elder.

Crap, this attacks being lead by Discord. Why couldn't it be Zecora?

Yep, Discord is saying to kill anyone in the way, Civilian or not. Discord, you are a complete a-hole!

Luckily, the Elder has desired that perhaps not letting the empire march through the town is a better idea, and calls for the guards to get ready for attack.

OK, we are heading out to set up a defence, and I'm going to take the time to look at my party count. It's 7 right now.

Right, Trixie is boasting that her magic is better than Twi's and says that she will do better than 50 soldiers in 3 minutes. Twi points out she was mind controlled at the time, and asks Trixie if she likes fighting. Trixie responds that she likes Winning. Twi asks if it is possible to make peace, but Trixie calls her a wimp.

AJ says to Trixie that she still doesn't trust her (And I'm starting to get doubts myself). Trixie is fine with this.

Right, It looks like I can use this chance to equip all of my party members as needed.

Hmm, it looks like I'll be doing the same thing as I did with the Scootaclone army (Still the best thing ever) at the start, except it's Discord I'm going to kill, and the Mayor I'm guarding.

Right, I need to pick the three groups I will use... I'll have Pinkie and Trixie in one group, (Pinkie's O Pness and Trixie's healing/magic absorb should make this team powerful), Twi and AJ an another (a spell caster and a powerful melee attacker), and Luna, Celestia and Applebloom (Whoever the hell is left) in the third.

LET'S DO THIS! Right, Pinkie Squad, Go and try to get Discord! Twi Squad and Celestia Squad, Guard the Mayor!

Seriously Pinkie, why are you still floating?!

Ah, Twi got KO'ed! AJ, Hang in there!

OK, Pinkie Squad made it to Discord. They Cannot fail, as I doubt my guards can hold on much longer!

... Discord's magic is Strong... He OHKO'ed Pinkie... Trixie, Phoenix down her, please...

OK, Pinkie's Sonicboom attack, the one she got from the first Chest Monster, Is hitting Discord for over 1000 damage. Keep using that, Pinkie!

Seriously, how mush HP does Discord have? I've hit him something like 10 times with that attack.

Discord, Don't run away! Coward! Anyway, Between Pinkie's O Pness, and Trixie absorbing Disord's magic/ healing the party, that went very well.

I guess that means I won! The esper is safe! It's still frozen in ice it seems.

Luna comments that It must be horrible to be imprisoned alone in a cold dark place for 1000 years... *Cough-moon-''cough*

Twi is acting funny. I guess she is talking to the esper?

Ah, A flash of light happened, and Applebloom almost got flung off a cliff! Luckily, Trixie grabbed her.

OK, another one occurred, and Everyone except Twi almost got flung off a cliff this time!

Twi says she is feeling weird, and has zero idea what is going on. (Welcome to my world!)

Twi asks the esper "Who am I?"

The party is getting worried, and asking Twi to get away from the esper.

OK, some weird magic is being flung between the esper and Twi, but Twi seems unharmed by it.

Wait, did Twi just get some armour? Wait, she is in Twidash form! (Not the shipping pair ^_^)

OK, she just leapt into the sky for no reason...

OK, she is flying around the overworld map. Where is she heading?

OK, back to the party, without Twi. They are in Arvis's house again, resting. Twi has not returned yet.

Celestia says that the esper awakens some hidden power in Twilight, but she could not control it. Luckily, she has some information to where she went.

Applebloom wants to head out and get her, but the town still needs guarding from the empire. The party decides to split up. (Besides, I can't have more than 4 people in my party anyway, so this was inevitable)

Apparently, we can use Canterlot castle to take us to the west.

Wait, I need to pick this group? Well, since there are 6 people here, I guess it would be wise to only take 3... I pick AJ, for physical combat, Trixie, for Magic attack and defence, and Pinkie, for O Pness/a possible trip to the veldt since I'm apparently heading west, where the veldt is.

OK, I can finally explore this town. Let's see what there is to get.

Hey, someone mentions the Scootaloo's and mow they live with an old hermit. I wonder if I can get one for my party?

Hey, this house if full of Treasure chests...




One of the chests is locked... Oh well, perhaps I'll find a key for it?

Ah, yes, this was the cave where the esper first was... Wait, who was that? I saw someone in a hole in the mountain. I couldn't tell who, and he ran away...

OK, I'm back on the overworld. I guess Now wound be a good time to end things for now.

Until next time ^_^


Ah,the point where you finally have control over who goes in your party. Of course, they pick this time to tart putting in optional scenes depending on who is in your party...

At Canterlot Castle, there's a scene between Celestia and Luna that expands on their backstory in this universe, but this one can be done at any time.

In the next town, there are scenes involving Applebloom, and Trixie has lines if she's present.

Of course, if you really want to see these scenes while still sticking with your favored party, you can duck back to Neighe and restructure your party before going on to the actual dungeons.

Also, there actually is a reason to use a three member party that I think you'll enjoy...
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