CRISIS: Equestria, the livebloggening


Well here goes.

I've been hearing good things about this CRISIS: Equestria thing for a while. It's gotten popular enough that it has it's own thread on the site, so let's see what it's like. Come with me as I'm wowed and amazed at the wonderful literary prowess of the author. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.


Yay! Looking forward to it!!
DarkLink313 8th Jun 12
Col. Should be fun. That said, bear in mind that like with many things, the beggining is not the best part. This is especially obvious due to the fact that the author is better with O Cs and worldbuilding than he is with the canon cast. Still, hope you enjoy it.
Sereg 8th Jun 12
WOOT, can't wait.
Seraphem 9th Jun 12