Memories of a Sleeping King: A Breton Europa Universalis AAR


Galway Girl

May 27th, 1400

Jean sat in his pew shifting uncomfortably, he turned to the old man next to him.

Jean: Shouldn't you be up there Sulio? You're a priest after all.

Sulio: I'm as much a family friend as a priest. We made it all the way to Galway and it would be rude to not let their priest do the marriage.

Jean: Shouldn't dad be here? To give Margarite away...

Sulio: He's busy Jean. You know he's down at Anjou.

Jean paused.

Jean: He shouldn't be there, should he?

Sulio: He has a claim to those lands and so, it's not surprising.

Jean: But he shouldn't be there.

Sulio: No, but he's doing it for you.

Jean: ...I'm not sure if I want it.

Sulio paused to think as the pipe music began. The ceremony went as expected, Margerite of Brittany married one of the sons of Turlough O'Conchobair, supported by the Donough and the Rickard clans. This marriage was later than the others as Jean had hesistated to take a side in the war of succession that was going on previously but it seemed that most of Christendom had come to except this Turlough as King rather than his rival and so official offers were made and ceremonies were carried out. Though in the south, the English waged their war of aggression upon Art of Leinster, the Connachtmen were content in their security for now and the Bretons now stood as secure allies of free Ireland. Provided of course that didn't it invovle fighting England.