Memories of a Sleeping King: A Breton Europa Universalis AAR


Dramatis Personae

A list of all major historical characters and named original characters appearing thus far, in order of birth;

Jean IV (1295-1345): English supported Duke of Brittany during the Breton War of Succession. Never recognized by the French, thus he isn't counted by them in the line of succession [French will call all our Jeans by one number lower on the chain to spite this guy].

Jeanne The Flame (1295-1374): Wife of Jean IV, after her husband died she took charge and kept the Jean's succession safe.

Jeanne The Tigress (1300-1359): A pirate who fought on the side of the Anglo-Bretons after swearing revenge on the King and Charles who she held accountable for her husband's death.

Charles of Blois (1319-1364): French supported Duke of Brittany, He lost the war of succession. He's remembered largely for his piousness and has recently been beautified by the Catholic church.

Jean V, The Conqueror(1339–): Our Initial Hero, Ladies and Gentlemen. The game picks up in his twilight years, having already secured his succession and managed to keep both French and English at bay with craft diplomacy.

Sulio de Lambelle (1345-): Breton Bishop, serves as an advisor to Jean.

Maeldan de Tremereuc (1349-): Breton Baron. Supporter of Military Reform.

Charles the Mad (1368-): Also known as Charles the well loved. He is known for wild mood swings, as various uncles of his vie to be the power behind the throne.

Paol (1376-): Breton Farmer, immigrated to Vendée with promise of cheap land.

Anna (1377-): Breton Farmer, married to Paol.

Louis II, King of Naples (1377-): Charles du Blois' Grandson through his mother, he inhereted most of Charles' land.

Amadeus VIII: (1383-) Count of Savoy, known as the Peaceful.

Aourgen Salvas (1384-): A young squire and courtier.

Jean VI (1390-): Heir to the Throne.

Gwilherm (1392-): Child of Anna and Paol.