The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 42: Falme

Nynaeve and Elayne have reached Falme, almost out of money and resorting to petty theft. On the plus side, they’ve located the damane housing. And inside, we get plenty more of how much things suck for Egwene, like getting horrible pain whenever she reaches for something she thinks of as a weapon. Min has met Domon and gotten him to agree to take them away, but then Renna finds out Egwene’s been channeling without permission and cuts down on her privileges, including renaming her Toby…er, Reek…Tuli, that’s it!

Despite the lack of plot developments to talk about, there’s some quite powerful stuff here. If anyone didn’t hate the Seanchan already, this chapter would probably seal the deal. And now I’m actually worried that with so little of the book left, Egwene might not get out of this by the end of it, and then who knows how much longer it will be? It’s always a sign of quality writing that you can care this much.


To me, a sign of quality writing is that by any given point in a series after the first installment (whether an episode, book, etc.), you can't tell how much was planned from the start and how was the author making shit up as he went along.
Sabbo 20th May 12
He narrows his possibilities to make story with prophecies, views and dreams though, so main storyline should have been already planned. I'm wondering how many of those wont be used.
wheelreader 20th May 12
Ah, but not all of the prophecies were listed in the first book (including Min's viewings), nor even in the first five books. Indeed, due to Min's viewings, the prophecies get introduced regularly for quite a while.
Sabbo 20th May 12