The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 36: Among the Elders

The meeting of the Ogier elders brings an Entmoot to mind to start off, but the series now seems to be past that kind of thing and it quickly gets down to business. After going over the plot a bit, the elders agree to let them use the Waygate, but the Black Wind shows up behind it too, and Verin seems to suspect itís following Rand, though as Randís narration confirms, it doesnít make sense for Fain to be doing that. They elect to use a Portal Stone instead, and thereís one conveniently nearby. So, no more with those Aiel women, then?

A pretty filler chapter, complete with a random bit of Mat being an asshole to Loial for no reason, but the twist with the Black Wind was a real surprise and hints at yet another villain that will need to be dealt with. And I do hope they get to see those Aiel again before they leave, as otherwise they would be kind of pointless.


Nope. They're just there to make you wonder. I thought perhaps one of the Aiel was a future character, but I checked those two chapters and don't see any named.

The next chapter with the Portal Stone is one of my favorite in the whole book.
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