The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 31: On the Scent

Verinís also with the group, and is able to heal Hurin and find them a new place to stay. Perrin has now figured out with his wolf powers that Rand can channel, but he canít find a time alone with him to talk about it. Verin gives some exposition about how the statue Galldrian is digging up is a weapon for the One Power, which can only be used by men, which will cause another Breaking of the World if used together with another that women can use. And thereís the final bookís climactic scene, Iím calling. More important now is that Fainís group is hiding in the house of Lord Barthanes, and Rand conveniently hasnít gotten around to burning that invitation yet.

The chapter is devoted entirely to everyone catching up with each other before the plot gets moving again, but it also allows for some new information that keeps it from dragging too much. We get both Rand and Perrinís viewpoints so both sides are represented, a nice touch that will save some exposition on how they both feel later. And Iím still holding onto Galldrian being the one who stole the Horn, given how much more of the book there is.


Just posting to make sure you know that I at least am still reading. Maybe it was paranoid of me, but when I didn't get any replies to my liveblog (back when I was still doing it), I'd sometimes think that people (namely neobowman, who was the only person other than myself to read all of it) had stopped reading it. This went for three weeks before he'd remembered.
Sabbo 10th May 12
I too am still reading (and get the same paranoia.)
SKJAM 10th May 12