The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 28: A New Thread in the Pattern

Ingtarís group meets an Aiel named Urien, who reveals that the Aiel have their own version of the Aes Sedai simply called Wise Ones, who have gone through a place called Rhuidean. The Aiel have seen the signs of a man who will go there, who is clearly Rand, but Verin claims she doesnít know anything, and urges everyone to move faster once heís gone. Then a handy line tells us theyíre now close to Cairhien.

Most of this one is just the culture clash between Verin and Urien, with neither able to say very much the other wants to hear. Itís nice to see an Aiel, but the very nature of the scene means there isnít much to latch on to here, with just a few hints at later plot threads. Itís all necessary setup and nothing more, which is over quickly and lets us get back to the storylines where things are actually happening.


Your predictions are what makes this blog interesting (as well as your "tropespotting"), so... What do you predict from the setups so far, for this book and whole series?
wheelreader 6th May 12
Rand is going to Rhuidean, but not until near the end of the series. It'll be in opposition to the other prophecy about him, as that will be revealed to be the work of the Red Ajah, who want to completely wipe out male channelers.
Eegah 6th May 12
Interesting theories. Btw, these predictions interest me because its pedagogigally effective way of reading (I'm a teacher).
wheelreader 6th May 12
Gah. There's something I would have told you about Rhuidean had you not just given that prediction.
Sabbo 6th May 12