The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 24: New Friends and Old Enemies

After a few days doing chores, Egwene is assigned to a slightly more experienced novice to prepare for her lessons, none other than Elayne! Itís mentioned that there are very few people coming for training these days, so it doesnít come off as too contrived. Plus, once Egwene figures out who she is, she immediately realizes Rand was telling the truth about meeting her. Thank god, the problems this story has donít need that kind of thing added.

Thereís a cameo by Logain, whoís been gentled and now just wanders around the garden, and Elayne promises two other girls weíve met are here. One is Else Grimwell, the randy farmerís daughter from that one chapter that now looks a lot less like filler. Iím intrigued to see where that goes, though she doesnít make an appearance. The other is Min, whoís only here so they can try to figure out how her aura ability works, as itís not the One Power.

And the hits keep on coming, as Gawyn and Galad also show up. Though this isnít very good for Egwene, as she has a groan-inducing lusty reaction to Galad after sheíd just gotten done mentally crucifying Rand for his string of not-quite-girlfriends. Then Elaida shows up to remind us of what a bitch she is, and we get a brief Min viewpoint letting us know Moiraine asked for her for some secret reason. And sheís also in love with Rand, and I gag some more.

The last bit with Min gets a bit problematic, but until then itís quite exciting to see the parade of familiar faces, really giving you the idea that all this is going somewhere, even if it ended up taking its sweet time. Iím especially glad to see Elayne, as her one sequence in book one was one of my favorites, and seeing her become fast friends with Egwene is nice. Add more neat additions to the mytharc, and hereís a real winner.


Else is pretty much there reason at all other than not wanting to add more insignificant named characters.

Everyone reacts to Galad that way.
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