The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 22: Watchers

Moiraine and Lan have gone to two other Aes Sedai, sisters Adeleas and Vandene, but first she springs on Lan that sheís arranged for his bond to transfer to a Green named Myrelle if she dies, so he wonít waste his life trying to get revenge. Itís a complex issue and both make good points, but unfortunately itís followed by Moiraine ruminating on how Lanís relationship with Nynaeve (and they havenít even done anything yet) is messing with his head.

Vandene says one translation of a prophecy points to the Dragon going to Toman Head, where Fain had said he would meet Rand, but the rest is basically just catching us up with stuff we already knew. But things improve when Moiraine is attacked by a Draghkar, which is then killed by both Lan and the sistersí Warder Jaem. Moiraine realizes it was able to get so close with help from the Black Ajah, and now she has to head off somewhere unspecified, but not to Tar Valon. Well, we do still have viewpoint characters there anyway.

Quite a mixed bag here. Moiraineís plans for Lan provide a very thought-provoking situation, where I can perfectly see why heíd be upset while also seeing the logic behind it. Then things drop considerably with more of the tiresome barely there romance and a largely pointless infodump riddled with As You Know. And finally it picks up again with the very suspenseful Draghkar attack, during which I genuinely thought Moiraine might die. Though there still isnít much evidence that Jordan is on George RR Martinís level in that regard.


I always figured Nynaeve and Lan's romance slowly developed during the long chunks of time we don't see them in the first book. It was a little unbelievable it would have gotten as far as it did when Rand overheard them in the Blight, but after that I just accepted it.

Once I did I actually thought it added some motivation to Nynaeve; she doesn't just distrust Moiraine for taking Rand/Perrin/Mat away, she sees her as The Rival because Lan is her Warder.
montagohalcyon 30th Apr 12
Heh, given what we learned later on the events of this chapter makes much more sense. It's one of those nice little things Jordan seems to have actually planned.
Arilou 30th Apr 12
Arilou, I don't understand; can you put in a hottip what you're referring to?
Sabbo 1st May 12
To avoid spoilering Eegah, of course.
Sabbo 1st May 12
Arilou 1st May 12
[[hottip:*:One of these things]]=*
Sabbo 1st May 12
[[hottip: I'malking about how one of the sisters is Black Ajah]]
Arilou 2nd May 12
No no. All three parts of the hottip are important. The first must say hottip, the second is the bit which is displayed, and the third is the bit which is hidden. I'll see if I can PM you this info in case you miss me writing this here.
Sabbo 2nd May 12