The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 17: Choices

Rand has a Crowning Moment of Awesome taking out the grolm five shots for five, but then a ton more start coming after them, leaving them with no choice but to head to the Stone where Selene came in. She just so happens to know exactly what to do to help Rand use it, and theyíre put back in their own world. And Selene continues to be suspiciously well-informed, as she reveals that the other universe screwed with time as well, so that Hurin was actually smelling where Fainís group will be over the next few days, so they should just wait here. All according to plan, Iím sure.

Iím still calling that Selene is really evil, and the risk with this kind of thing is that the hero looks stupid for not noticing it for a while after the reader does. But so far itís working here, since the major clue is the way the writing describes her, rather than anything the characters themselves have access to. And the stuff she conveniently knows, though Loial at least has questioned that, so it doesnít come off badly either.


Oh whoops, I thought this stuff happened in the last chapter. Need to catch up in my own reading. But it looks like you didn't read comments anyway.
montagohalcyon 27th Apr 12