The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 14: Wolfbrother

With Hurin gone, Ingtarís group is left with nothing to go on, and so Perrin is forced to turn to any wolves in the area. Oh good, more issues I hoped were over. After they pick up the trail he goes to Ingtar, whoís perfectly willing to believe him, though they decide to tell the others heís just another sniffer. This forces some quick thinking when the wolves find the place where the villagers were killed, and thereíll probably be a lot more than that. Oh, and Matís still an asshole about it, like everything else.

And then Verin shows up, sent by Moiraine. And first rambles on about the dead Fade, until Iím now having trouble not hearing her lines in Pinkie Pieís voice. After hearing what happened, she seems to know exactly whatís going on, but naturally doesnít say anything and just decides to stay with them for now. This is going to be wacky.

Thereís a rough start here with Perrin still trying to fight his wolf abilities, though at least heís not in denial anymore, but their conversation is really cool with the use of images to stand in for words they donít know. And of course Verin is awesome as always, able to instantly punch up any chapter she appears in. I love that weíre already seeing her with all kinds of different characters, which will go a long way to keeping her fresh.