The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 12: Woven in the Pattern

We’re now all the way back to right after that arrow was fired past Siuan, with Egwene. There’s more of Agelmar trying to get them to stay, and by now there’s enough of this that I suspect he has ulterior motives for wanting to keep them there. Either that or this is all more padding, which is just depressing.

The journey gets very vague and out of sequence, and includes another scene with Nynaeve and The Love That All Of A Sudden, though since we’re in Egwene’s viewpoint we thankfully don’t see much of it. Then Verin comes in and lets them know that they’re what the Aes Sedai call wilders, women who can use the One Power without any training, though that also means they won’t be able to control it before long. She leads them through an exercise to start that training, throwing some nice sass at Nynaeve the whole time. And then Nynaeve sets their blankets on fire, and can’t do anything else. Crap, this is because of the thing with Lan, isn’t it?

When they get to a town where they get onto ships, Egwene learns that Moiraine and Lan left the group two days ago, followed by Liandrin, and then Verin without her warder Tomas. She’s also had a dream of a sleeping Rand being stood over by a woman and a man, and we’re supposed to think the woman was one of the Aes Sedai, but I’m calling that it’s Lanfear, and another Forsaken. And the Aes Sedai she talks to, Anaiya, turns out to be gruff but perfectly willing to believe she might have Dreaming powers. I like her already.

The real centerpiece here is Verin’s lesson, and it provides some neat imagery that really adds to the understanding of how magic works in this world. And it’s then thrown into disarray as we’re left to wonder what the hell all those people are up to. Maybe something to do with that seal Doman has? I’ve got nothing else.


I don't remember anything in this chapter, so no comment on the dream for now.

Wilders often have some sort of mental block they have to overcome before they can channel properly. Nynaeve struggles with hers for quite a while; it's not Lan.

Also they tend to be looked down on by a lot of the snootier Aes Sedai. So it was gloriously satisfying for me when Nynaeve REDACTED FOR SPOILERS later.
montagohalcyon 23rd Apr 12
I love the bit when REDACTED happens.

(...Dunno which REDACTED you're talking about, but I'm going to assume it's one of the awesome moments.* :P)
Sabbo 24th Apr 12