Nuzlocke: In Which Touhoumon 1.8 Is Attempted


Sink or Swim, Battle of the SS Anne!

I really need to be more consistent about updating this. Sorry about that, guys. ^^; Not really much to say, because I have no excuse. I have plenty of game covered, I just get lazy about writing this. Oh well. Onto the fun!

All right guys. Lets do a little team rearrangement. I'll be taking on Surge soon, so I need to take the best team for fighting him with me onto the SS Anne for training.

Etta: I sense a certain amount of paranoia in you, still.

...I will never NOT be paranoid about this game.

Acadia: I take it...that I am not coming with?

No, I'm afraid not. Your water typing will just get you killed in there. Plume is getting boxed too, he's just got no type coverage.

Plume: Awww...that's lame.

Sorry, that's just how it is. But Mom, Nya, you two are coming with us. Nya gets ground type moves, and we need that. And Mom comes because she's awesome.

Nya: Oh yes! Yes yes, let's get em!

Mom: I like yer style kid. I think we're gunna get along juuuust fine.

We do a little grinding first, to get Nya up to tier with the rest of the group.

Nya: Does splattin' people with mud count as style?

Mom: Heh, sure it does!

Mud shot, never a bad thing to have. She also tried to learn fury swipes, which is a 25 power 2-5 hit attack. I'll stick with bite, since its more reliable, and has the added flinch. Since she was only two levels from an evolution at this point, I decided...

Hey, Nya? How would you like a treat? I've got a couple of candies here...

Nya: YES PLEASE. NOM. W-whut? Whuts happenin'?

Your evolving, Nya! Just hold! I LOVE that dress!

Nya: Awww...thankies. x3

She now has Limber instead of pickup. Given the gym were going to so, the timing could not be much better.

At this point, I grew tired of grinding, even with the awesome that is the Vs. Seeker, and decided to switch-grind Mom onboard the ship.

What the...why are there two piers?

Etta: How rude. The man refuses to let us inspect one of them. He babbled something about...luggage check.

Oh. I know why this is here. Or at least. I have a guess. I bet this is how we'll get to Johto.

Mura: And in the meantime, this piece of-

MURA. We talked about your language, remember?

Mura: -horse manure won't let us by.

...*sighs* At least she's being creative?

Etta: Given the things I have heard exit her mouth in the past, I'd say that this is progress.

Mom: Hey, hey guys! Look at this! AWOOOOO!

Howl is now classified as a beast type move, but is otherwise identical. Needless to say, I will be abusing it.

What this a BRICK BREAK TM? Was this here before? Wow. If I can't remember that for sure, then I really need to play fire red again. Uh. Anyway. Like most fighting moves I've seen, its dream type. Lets see who can learn it...



Mom: Y-you seem a little to excited by this...

Just learn the TM!

Mom: Ooookaaaay! No need to get all sassy about it!

I just noticed something.

Mom: Uh-huh?

You have scratch.

Mom: Uh-huh?

Why is it steel type.

Mom: Because this game is weird.

...good enough for me.

Mom: Oh look. A quick-attack style steel move!

Blade flash? Sounds better than scratch. Get it!

I should note that steel is SE against flying in these games. So now Mom has something to kill one of her prime weaknesses with. What.

Mom: Heeeey, Digi? What's Razor Wind?

...a 60 power flying move that never misses. Basically, Aerial Ace. Unfortunately...

Its classed as special, so forget it. Your special attack is piddly.

Mom: Oh...ya. That's definitely not my style.

Nya: Oooooh, I wanna learn cool poses like that!

So while those two are posing, let me explain the reason for Mom's rapid growth: Just about everybody on this ship has a cMurasa. As mentioned before, they are part ghost type. Normally, I would not put a beast type against a water type, but guess what? Beast is SE on ghost. Mom basically murders everything onboard for super easy experience. WHY DIDN'T I COME HERE SOONER?

After we have cleared the ship of its ghostly vermin, its time for the third rival battle. I went ahead and swapped Linessa for Acadia, because like hell am I going into his without her. Everyone is level 25, so hopefully we are a suitable level.

Rival sends out cWriggle, level 21!

Go, Mom!

Hmmm. Wriggle is Nature type here, so Mom hasn't got much she can use against it. The only Boneka I've got with me that has a SE attack is...

Return, Mom! Go, Etta!

Wriggle used agility!

Etta used Aurora Beam! Its super effective!

Wriggle uses Faint Attack! Its super effective!

...well shit. There's not much I can do here. Etta isn't taking too much damage, so I take a risk and leave her out. the cWriggle is down to only a sliver of health...

Etta used Aurora Beam! Its super effective!

Wriggle uses Faint Attack! Its super effective! Foe cWriggle fainted!

Phew! Good job Etta!

Etta: N-not a problem...but I could use a proper rest now.

Of course.

Rival sends out cTewi, level 19!

Go, Mura!

Mura used Bubblebeam! Its super effective! Foe cTewi fainted!

Well that was...anticlimactic.

Mura: We might be a leeetle stronger than we needed ta be fer this fight.

Oh well?

Rival sent out Keine, level 20!

A reason type. I don't have anything to combat it directly, so I just leave Mura out to deal with this pest.

Mura: Like any of these lumps would be a problem fer me.

Mura uses Magical Leaf!

Foe Keine uses Sharpen!

Mura uses Magical Leaf! Foe cKeine fainted!

Mura: See? Useless lumps. What's next?

Rival sends cReisen, Level 22, onto the field!

This one isn't for you, Mura. C'mon back. Mom, you've got the SE attack here. Go for it!

Mom: You betcha!

Mom used Brick Break! Its super effective!

Damnit, she's still got a sliver of health left! Brace yourself, Mom!

Foe Reisen used Mirror Shot!

Oh THIS move again. I bet its a special attack too. It must be, because it brings Mom all the way down to 34/68. I could spam super potions, but I'd never get a chance to attack. The rival AI also seems to NEVER heal, so I can't depend on that giving me another chance to attack. Guess what that means?

Mom, Return! Acadia, get'chyo ass out here!

Acadia: Yes'm? O.O

Get rid of this lovely, LOVELY rabbit, would you?

Acadia used Water Gun! Foe cReisen fainted!

Rival was defeated!

Well. That wasn't so bad.

Next Time: We finally reach Surge!