Nuzlocke: In Which Touhoumon 1.8 Is Attempted


So Many New Recruits

So after the near tragedy that occurred last time, I approached Nugget Bridge with some trepidation.

Etta: Our first opponent is level 11. That is not so bad.

Kish: But this one is level 13. I'm a little concerned...

Mura: Oh look, a level 17 cTewi. Ya, this could be a lil' tough...for YOU guys!

We'll be fine. That trainer only had one Boneka anyway.

The rocket falls with no fuss at all, despite the level climb on our way up the bridge. Easy Nugget, get!

Onto our two new catches!

On Route 24, I find a cLilyWhite that I will name Kangura.

On Route 25, I get a cShizuha that I've named Kale.

I'll take a moment to go over these.

  • Lily White: Not as useless as I thought. Heart type.
120 Hp(!), 50 Atk/SpA, 100 Def/SpD, 60 speed.
HELLO TANK. Heart type means I finally have something to handle dark and reason Boneka. She also has a move called Wanting, which is apparently a heart-type thief. She's got a number of bulk and annoyance moves, like substitute, smile, and feather dance. Also has some direct attacks, like TriAttack. Something called Shaming is also on her list, I have no idea what that is. Overall, I think I might use her, even though I've already got Acadia. Tanks are never a bad thing.

Kangura: I will protect you all with my power.

  • Helper Lily White: Uh. No?
120 Hp, 60 Atk/SpA, 100 Def/SpD, 60 speed.
Only difference is 10 higher in each attack. Typical helper set, with moves like fake tears, helping hand, charge, and baton pass. No thank you, I'll pass.

Kangura: I do not feel as useful in this form...

  • Shizuha: I have a nature type already.
80 Hp, 50 Atk, 70 Def, 110 SpA, 75 SpD, 95 Speed.
She's a fairly speedy sweeper with decent defenses. She gets ingrain, giga drain, and something called Nature's color. Too bad I'm using Mura already.

Kale: Aw c'mon, don't ignore me!

  • Speed Shizuha: Suddenly, Nature/Earth
75 Hp, 55 Ak, 70 Def, 85 SpA, 80 SpD, 115 Speed.
Faster, but hits less hard? No thanks. Similar moveset, but with Earth Power, and some move only in japanese in the wiki. Meh.


  • Helper Shizuha: A special tank?
100 Hp/Def, 55 Atk, 70 SpA, 95 SpD, 60 Speed.
She does have some nice moves, like tailwind and calm mind. She might be more usable than LilyWhite, with that SpA. I don't really have a special tank yet.

Kale: See! I'm useful!

So the next gym is going to be water Boneka. That means I've got some switching around to do, now that I've got options. Beasts are going to be useless, so Nya is getting boxed along with Leif, and I'm bringing in Kale. I'll switch Kish for Kangura as well, because I don't trust water types to not have ice attacks.

Mura: So while you were blabberin' on about the new recruits, I learned Bubblebeam.


Mura: Its awesome. Dun question it.


Etta: My abilities have improved as well. I now have the power to throw knives at my opponent.

Magic Knife: A 25 power Reason move that hits 2-5 times. Too bad its physical. Still not terrible though.

Oh, I just realized. I should check and see if the new folks can learn any of the TMs I picked up...Kale can learn decision? SE attack on dark and heart types, which I have no coverage for yet? YES PLEASE.

Kale: SEE. I'm useful! Don't you ever ignore me again!


Mura: Wow. There are sad sights, and then there is THIS.

Oh come on. I mean he...didn't want this.

Etta: Exactly. Don't...don't be so mean. I'm sure he didn't MEAN for this to happen.

Mura: No, but he sure meant to perform science experiments on a lil' girl. Apparently the kind that involve DNA sequencing and ACCIDENTLLY TURNING YOURSELF INTO A LOLI.

...Bill says it was a teleportation system.

Mura: You can't really be buying that.

I, well...

Mura: Why would he be using it on live subjects if its still this much of a protoype?

Acadia: I suggest...taking pictures.

Linessa: I've got the camera!


Mura: Sure, why not? Oh look. He's bribing us now. Tickets...for somethin'. I guess this'll do. For now. She smirks. girls are scary.

So you might think I'm going directly for the gym. You would be wrong. See, once you get the ticket from Bill, the cop in front of that building that takes you out of Cerulean moves. I know. I always thought you had to beat the gym when I was a kid too. But nope. You can actually skip this gym, and go straight to Surge. I'm not even sure you need to get her badge until the end of the game. I don't think it unlocks any HMs! But...we're getting off track. The point is, I'm taking a diversion to capture some Boneka, and get some training done.

Acadia: Is this...another Rocket? This everywhere.

Mura: Not that he's very strong. In fact, he's so not strong that Digi has no notes at all on his battle.

Nothing really happened. We pretty much just wiped the floor with him.

Route 5 comes along, and I find us a Minoriko. I'm naming him Plume.

As usual, there's a trade in the tunnel's here. The girl wants a Rinnosuke, and will give you cMarisa. This is starting to turn into one of those item trading quests.

We emerge from the tunnel, and into Route 6. My encounter is a cMedicine, but I accidentally KO'd it. Whoops. >_O Oh well, its not like I needed ANOTHER nature type.

Etta: Why are we avoiding all of these trainers?

Because I don't know if we're leveled enough for them? Crap. This one is required...Annnnd I'm being needlessly paranoid. The level curve has hardly gone up at ALL.

I obtained the Vs. Seeker in town, so now training should be an absolute non-issue. Whooot!

I also obtained the Old Rod. This game's version of magikarp is a Boneka called Hina. I say she's like magikarp not because of a similar evolution path, because its not at all. She's just pretty much all you can fish up with it. So lets get one!

cHina is a Miasma-type Boneka. Unlike in standard Pokemon, that's actually a useful type. Why? Because poison is now SE on water. Oh ya. I'm getting this girl for a reason.

I fish up a cHina from Vermillion, and name her Elena. Oh, hey look. The level five chibi comes with POISON JAB. Remember that 80 power TM I picked up earlier? Ya, she comes with that. And its a STAB for her. Wow. Overpowered much?

There's also another trade here in town. This one will take your Rinnosuke, and give you cReimu. Oh dear. Uh. To make this clear: cMarisa is a wind type, and is normally used as a starter in the non-1.8 Touhoumon games, and is amazingly fast and powerful. cReimu is a normal/flying type starter, but pure Faith type here, which makes more sense, given she's a Miko. She's also amazing. They are both amazing. I can't make this choice! >_O

I make a stop in Diglet's Cave, and obtain a Parsee. My Parsee in World Link died, so naturally I'm naming this one after her. Welcome back, Rhyme! I won't let you die this time, I promise! Incidentally, Parsee was a ghost/dark type in that hack. She's heart type here. What.

Our last stop will be to Route 11, where I find...A cMOMIJI. HELL YES. These things are amazing, and I love them, and they are CUTE. That's all the reason I need right? Cute? Cute is totally an acceptable reason to want something. I've named her Mom, once again borrowing from my WL run. She's beast type instead of normal, which is no surprise at all by this point.

A last note is that there is yet ANOTHER trade in the guardhouse on the far side of route 11. They want something called Gyokuto, and will give you a Yorihime. Yay? I don't even know what those ARE.

With that, I will call this sequence breaking episode complete. Next time, We'll be training, and analyzing our new companions.


Um, I noticed a few things that need correction. You didn't include Attack Lily White or the Aki Sisters in your analysis. And you still referred to C Reimu as a Normal/Flying. In 1.8, there is no Normal type... and C Reimu is a Pure Shinto type (or a Faith type, if you're playing a certain other version with a different translation).

Other than that, I'm looking forward to finding out what happens later with the Gym Leaders!
Saffron 31st Mar 12
....Where IS my brain, that I referred to Reimu as normal/flying? I don't even.

As for Lily White, there's no attack version listed in the wiki. I'll investigate with the Editor I've got.

I did one of the sisters here. I'm saving ALL the other catches for the next update. Its going to be saturated with analysis.
Digi 31st Mar 12
Investigated a bit. cLilyWhite can evolve into A Lily White or H Lily White while in her chibi form, but can only go into H Lily White when she's Lily White. What. That...has to be a mistake. Even weirder, she can't shift back to her other forms once she's in Attack form.

I did find the data on her though. I'll put it in the next update.
Digi 31st Mar 12
That's not really a mistake, I think. Doesn't slide evolution work like that? It'd be terribly complicated to have all forms to be able to slide to all forms, if you know how the evolutions work. It's easier and wastes less space to slide 1 to 1 than to slide 1 to 3.

And by Aki Sisters, I meant the actual Puppet "Aki Sisters," where Shizuha and Minoriko team up as one unit.
Saffron 31st Mar 12
You'd THINK so, but assuming this editor is working CAN actually slide around between forms. You use the same type shard to turn them back into the basic form.

Aki Sisters wasn't on the wiki either. I'll do them next update as well.
Digi 31st Mar 12
Ehh? Are you sure you're using the right Wiki?

Kyou-kun and Loli Sauce put in a lot of work into the Dex; I'd hate to see it go to waste. Also, ignore the egg moves; they're completely wrong. Not that it really matters since no breeding in Nuzlockes, but... just saying.
Saffron 31st Mar 12
Nope, that's a different wiki from mine. I'll switch to that one, it seems more reliable. xD
Digi 31st Mar 12