Nuzlocke: In Which Touhoumon 1.8 Is Attempted


Mt. Moon and Beyond!

All right, with Brock taken care of, its off to route 3!

Etta: The trainers here do not appear...what is the word...well trained.

Kish: Yesh. They are all a lil on the underleveled side.

Mura: Ya, for ME. Level 10 to 13 Boneka is nothing ta me at this point. But you guys are still all around level 10!

Leif: Ehehehe...we catch up...

Ya, they will! Just wait and see!

Kish: Look, I already learned sumthin' new and sweet! She proceeds to stomp around in circles.

Ah, lets see...that appears to be stomp, a 60 power beast type move. Useful, I guess?

Kish: Flinch hax.

Fair enough.

Leif: Its not just him! She scoops up handfuls of mud, and throws them at a nearby trainer

Mud Slap. Its earth type, not surprising, still lowers accuracy...but its 30 power, instead of 20. Buffs are cool.

Hmmm? Is that grass. EXCELLENT. Time for a new capture! And what we have her isss...

A cute cat girl! Welcome aboard, Nya!

Nya: ...hiiiii?

You are such a CUTIE! x3

Mura: Do we really need more beasts?

Nonsense. You can never have too many. Also...she has pickup.

Mura: Objections withdrawn.

Time for Chen analysis.

  • Chen: Evolves at level 25, remains pure beast type. The Glass Cannon.

80 hp, 60 def/SpA/SpD, 100 Atk, 130 Speed.

Very fragile, she's meant to be a speedy physical attacker. The problem is, with those defenses, you have to hope she OHKO's, or she stands a good chance of being killed. Learns some nice moves. Bite I assume is beast type in this hack, mud shot, metal claw, TAILWIND(Raises attack and speed whoooot!), slash, Soar (flying type move)...a lot of type coverage, in other words.

Nya: Is nice an' fast, smack em hard.

  • Attack Chen: What? You mean the basic chen WASN'T?

70 hp, 130 Atk(!), 65Def/SpD, 60 SpA, 100 Speed.

Less speedy, SLIGHTLY higher defenses, but hits harder. I don't know if the lowered speed is bad or not, because I am shit at understanding speed tiers to begin with. I don't know how speedy other Boneka here are. If the lowered speed is still enough, this one might be better, because she'll be able to OHKO easier. She gets a lot of type coverage too, rock tomb, night slash, soar and slash again. Gets tailwind, and swords dance as well. I'm not sure if either Chen is a good thing to setup with though, they are so you really want to waste time on that? Baton pass in that sort of thing, MAYBE.

Nya: Or, lets smack em harder!

  • Technician Chen: Balanced?

70 hp, 90 Atk/SpA, 65Def/SpD, 110 Speed. Beast/Wind

So a mixed sweeper? I dunno about this one. The attack stats are weaker than normal Chen, that means a higher risk of not OHKOing. Do note that wind knocks out Chen's flying weakness...but also removes its resistance to earth. Only weak to fire and water. Tailwind, Sonicboom, slash, Aeroblast, among other things. Tailwind again. I'm not sure what sonicboom will do. In AW/WL, sonicboom is a 70 power high-crit bug type attack. But Bug doesn't exist here. I dunno.

Nya: Not fast, not smack hard? Not like.

Before we train any further, lets pop into Mt. Moon and get our catch there.


What's there?! I throw a pokeball blindly into the dark.


Lets see what we got here...c'mon out, lil gal!

???: H...hi...hi...She sinks into

Is that a BUCKET? What on Earth...ah. Fire/water, annnnd that is indeed a bucket. She's also a right physical wall. Well, I dub you Acadia!

Acadia: thanks...I think...

Lets see...she has Guard Armor. That blocks all critical hits. Excellent for a nuzlocke, where crits can spell certain death. Also worth noting is that she has Astonish-which is now 50 power. Holy crap?

On our way out of the cave, I grab up TM 09. Normally, this would be bullet speed. Now, its a 60 power faith move called Decision, that can never miss. Unfortunately, nobody in my team can learn it.

  • Kisume: The Troll. Evolves at level 23, fire/water type.

75 hp, 50 atk/speed, 60 SpA, 90 SpD, 155 defense. Oh my.

Frack, her evolved forms have no wiki info. POKEMON EDITOR HELP ME.

Right, so. Will-o-wisp, confuse ray, substitute, mirror coat, withdraw, screech, pain split, iron defense, destiny bond...seeing a theme here? This is a defensive troll. Not a lot of attacks. Rock bullet, water gun, fire spin, eventually gets moves like bounce, shadow ball and heat wave. Oddly can't learn Toxic according to this editor? Huh. I need a wall, so this thing is sticking around.

  • Technician Kisume: Offensive Troll?

75 hp/SpD, 60 Atk, 115 Def, 50 Speed, 105 SpA

Gets a little more offensive move coverage with bubblebeam and hydro pump. Also gets fake tears, shadow ball, heat wave, and iron defense, plus CKisume's Will-o-wisp and confuse ray. So still capable of trolling.

Not sure which one I want to use. We'll see how she feels while using her.

Before we proceed, we need to get some training done. And before we do that, we have some game mechanic exploiting to do. See, like every Touhoumon game I've seen so far, there are Tewi running around in Route 3. Those Tewi, like every Touhoumon game I've encountered so far, have a 5% chance of holding a Lucky Egg. Leif learned Thief. I'm sure you see where this is going.

About an hour and a half later...

Tewi Count: 15.

Leif steals cTewi's Lucky Egg!


Mura: Hey, Digi!


Mura: Look what I can do! He proceeds to use Nature Power. And suddenly, a battle.

Huh. Nature Power acts like sweet scent outside of battle. Weird. Explains the animation it gets in-battle.

Also, I had somebody-Thank you Saffron!-Explain Nature Power and its like to me. Nature power works similar to Low Kick or Grass Knot, except that instead of using weight, it uses something called 'cost.' The problem with weight is, all these girls weigh very similar values. So a weight-based move is pretty useless. Instead, every individual girl has been assigned a cost. I have no idea what this number is. And I don't really want to check a guide all the time, even if I did. I'll be getting rid of Nature Power as soon as Mura has a better option.

Nya: Are we done talkin' about this boring stuff? Because I've got quick attack now! I can kill my own type super speedy like!

Uh...very nice, I guess? I better watch out for other Chens. They'll have that too.

Nya: I also learned Rapid Spin, and Bite.

Rapid Spin? A miasma move now, 40 power. Bite is beast type, I was right. Its still 60 power.

Leif: Hey! I can do that too! She proceeds to gnaw on my ankles.

Uh, yes, thank you Leif. That's a very good Bite attack.

Etta: And I have now learned Aurora Beam, so that I might weaken my opponents before they strike.

Acadia: I um...I got that spin move too...and water gun.

Oh yay, plain old water gu-WOW. 60 power now? I love buffed moves. x3

All right, enough training. Lets get a move on.

Mt. Moon is...pretty uneventful so far.

Leif: But I found us some nice stuff.

Yes, you did! First was that Power Heart, by that Hiker on the first floor. And then you found another hidden just before our fossil choice! Those are going to come in handy, I know it!

Kish: Which Fossil didja pick?

Uh...I dunno. I grabbed one. They were the same names they usually have, so...Anyway, Kish, I think I'll make you an ATokiko. But not until you get wing attack at 23. Otherwise, you won't learn any new moves until 27 in your attack form.

Kish: Fair enough. I can wait!

Oh, hey. It looks like those fossils are not so unchanged.

Next time: Another capture, and a harrowing rival battle!