MUNKY NOT TRUKK!! Let's Watch Beast Wars!


125 - Other Voices, Part 1

Ahh, the season finale. Here we go.

Our episode opens as the camera sweeps by the two moons to where a Transwarp jump opens, a glowing energy thingy flying towards the planet.

An alarm blares in the Maximal HQ, and after some verification, Rhinox confirms the energy signature is of alien origin. Optimus sends Airazor and Rattrap, and goes to join them. Tarantulas too detects the landing, but the next Stasis pod landing is not expected anytime soon. Blackarachnia arrives, and blackmail him to renew their partnerships, suggesting that the Axalon would be full of intact pods, and she has a way in.

Megatron makes observes the scene, noting that the Spiders' schemes may serve him well, and sends the freshly repaired Waspinator to secure the Alien landing zone.

Airazor and Rattrap find the place. A large plaza with an orb of stable Energon in the middle. Airazor scans it, realizing it is a field generator and it is building up power. A nearby statue shoots her, and a shockwave knocks Rattrap out of the plaza, as a large glowing green shield covers the plaza, forming a mushroom-shaped building. Waspinator arrives, and attacks Rattrap (without his gun, truce and all) and a pretty good comedic fight ensues until Rattrap gives Waspinator a robo-noogie. Waspinator retreats and Optimus arrives, Rattrap filling him in.

Inside the Alien building, Airazor awakes and is shocked again and again, until the lightning lifts her over the Energon orb. Only when she returns to Beast Mode does it end. Through all this, she hears alien voices, their words impossible to understand, except the very last one: Cybertron.

Optimus suggest using a cutting laser, but an arriving Megatron (followed by Scorponok and Terrorsaur) point up they should know it would not work. The aliens CAN make Energon itself. They come up with a biological attack as an idea, and Megatron, being suspiciously helpful, has Scorponok firing his stinger a the mushroom. It works, a hole forming. Optimus asks that him and Rattrap go first, so they can rescue Airazor, and Megatron agrees. As they enter, Scorponok says he's got a mega missile ready to fire through the hole at Megatron's command, while Megatron notes the Maximals will trigger any trap that might be waiting there. Megatron hopes Inferno is doing his job.

Inside the alien building, Optimus and Rattrap find Airazor. Rattrap is ordered to drag her outside, despite her protests. Optimus wants to stay, he feels the aliens deserve an explanation, and that the Maximals have not been "the bests of tenants". Metal tentacles grab Optimus and lift him up, green panels of energy sweeping over him making him scream in pain. Rattrap and Airazor make their way outside right as the hole closes, and the Predacons hold them at gunpoint. Rattrap guesses the truce is over.

At the Axalon, the spiders arrive, climbing a cliff to the backside of the ship. Blackarachnia uses a device of her invention to open a hole in the shield, which the Spiders use to enter, intending to storm the ship from the roof hatch on the bridge. Inferno follows, but the machine shorts out, so he begins digging his way under the shield.

The green energy finishes scanning Optimus, and a voice notes that this is the specimen they've scanned before (In "Chain of Command"). Yellow energy swirls above Optimus and forms a gigantic head. That of Unicron. The head explain they have no physical form the Transformers could comprehend, so they chose this figure of authority from Optimus' datatracks. They explain that Optimus and the Predacons have contaminated "the project" and that it must be sterilized. Despite Optimus' pleas that they can't wipe all life on the planet, the aliens are unaffected, saying the dangers are "bigger than you know". The head then begins the Termination sequence and vanishes. Optimus Transforms to break his restraints.

Outside the structure begins to glow, and making use of the distraction, Rattrap makes Scorponok fire his missile at Megatron. Airazor transforms and blasts Scorponok, before Rattrap transforms and finishes off Terrorsaur. Optimus busts out of the structure as the glow and humming gets more intense, and orders a retreat. The structure explodes by sending a beam into space, and Megatron notes that there's still a hand to be played, courtesy of Tarantulas.

The beam flies off towards one of the moon, and when it hits it, the moon begins to burn away, revealing it made of metal, and covered with statues like the alien landing site. These statues all light up. Energon interference hits all the Stasis pods, and they begin to swerve and loose orbit.

Oh crap. That's Old Testament God right there.
Inside the Axalon, Rhinox is trying to keep the scanners up to track the pods and figure out what the Aliens are doing to the moon. This leaves him open to a cybervenom missile from Blackarachnia. Dinobot rushes in, but he's machinegunned to stasis lock. The Predacons observe Rhinox' screen, and Blackarachnia asks what they are seeing, to which Tarantulas replies "the beginning of the end".

The fake moon begins to split open as the episode ends.
As per usual, wait till next part oft he review and the bullet points.