Notes from SolForce: A Sword Of the Stars AAR


Chapter the Fourth: An unbiased history of SolForce

The directorship of Tan Uryiat was one of great advancement and important developments for Sol Force, despite the directors later (false and unsubstantiated!) dismissal for corruption and stealing Sol Force property, his tenure brought some significant advancements.

Director Uryiat was appointed during the fallout of Gammairiginis, the discovery of the alien relic made Sol Force realize that not only was humanity not alone in the universe, but that there were things out there that were anything but friendly to humankind.

Some of director Uryiat's corporate contacts were assigned to produce better and more advanced weapons for Sol Force, the solution they decided on was simple: an upgrade to the already existing Gauss Driver systems, known as a "Mass Driver", this new weapon would be capable of propelling a larger round at greater speed and with much more force. Satellite rings were also ordered constructed in all the new colonies, although due to practical and population constraints the actual construction would have to wait until the planets were terraformed and local infrastructure completed.

It was during Uryiat's tenure that the first major disaster in Solforce history happened: The Asteroid Swarm at Ross 119. These asteroids came out of nowhere and completely destroyed the colony, allegations that this could have been foreseen and prevented by stationing a modest fleet in the system is ridicilous propaganda spewn by enemies of the director, and the argument has no substance.

Nonetheless, the director, in order to placate his vile and treacherous opponents commissioned several Mjolnir-class ships, armed with the latest Mass Drivers, just in case. Any rumours that the director were going to use these ships to impose martial law and seize control of Earth are completely and utterly unfounded, and only a fool would believe these unsubstantiated rumours!

Director Uryiat's tenure also saw humanity's second encounter with an alien life-form: Code name Black 4, also known as "The Silicoids" or simply "The Swarm", a set of automated mining engines that attacked and destroy a Long Haul class exploration vessel that dared to enter the solar system were the mining ships were active.

Director Uriyat was also the first director to seriously show Sol Force's military muscle, by dispatching the 1st. Sol Force fleet, the so-called "Daredevils", to root out the swarm infestation at DM+12 1944. The Mjolnir class mass-driver ships along with the Sentinel Class point-defence destroyers proved able to destroy the infestation with only minimal losses, although sadly the valiant commanding officer of the SFS Shere Khan was among them.

This victory however was, after colonization of the planet (colloquially known as "George") a new Silicoid Queen exited hyperspace and easily vanquished the weakened remnants of the Daredevils. The Director was forced to drastically increase military spending in order to procure more ships to destroy this new swarm infestation.

Before the director could respond to this threat however, a new one arose: An exploratory vessel was attacked by Black 6: A hostile Von Neumann, a self-replication exploratory probe that had apparently not been programmed to see the difference between a ship (or as it would later be seen, a colony) and harmless rocks. The Von Neumann menace would continue to be a problem, dissassembling and attacking ships and colonies, and collecting minerals to further replicate itself.

One of the venerable Voyager class ships also made an exhilerating discovery: Before being annihilated by (yet another) swarm infestation the ship managed to provide data on the planet YY Germinorum: The results were clear, the planet was inhabited by an industrial-era civilization. Only a few years later yet another pre-space flight civilization was discovered, and this time too the surrounding asteroid field was full of Swarm Drones.

The ongoing war agains the Silicoids was fought competently and with acceptable losses by Director Uryiat, large amounts of valuable minerals were recovered from the husks of the errant mining drones, however, it is here that the saga of the commander reaches it's end: It turns out that due to no fault of his own, the Director's subordinates secreted stashes of this mineral away for their personal use.

During this ongoing corruption scandal, and while Sol Force continued to expand at a brisk pace, the first tentative steps were taken in contact with a civilized alien species: The inhabitants of the formerly swarm-infested planet of AC+ 41 726 turned out to be an aquatic species, somewhat reminiscient of earth dolphins. If earth dolphins were psychic hermaphrodites that is. Interestingly enough the "Liir" of planet Sea World (as it soon became known among Sol Force personnel) claimed that this was emphatically NOT their home planet, and that while uncertain of the fate of their homeworld, owing to enslavement of someone or something known as the "Suul'ka", they claimed that their former masters had transported them here, and then either forgotten about them or disappeared, unclear which.

For whatever reason, the Liir of Planet Seaworld provde to be militarily insignificant and without the even rudimentary industrial base to launch spaceships, so while Sol Force personnel read up on alien rituals and forms of communications, trying to peacefully annex the planet, the false accusations against director Uriyat continued...

-An Unbiased History of Sol Force Uriyat Press, New Earth.