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Interrogate the Baddies! The Two Lover's Squabble!!

When we last left off this fanfiction, we just saw Davey and this fanfiction Jump Off The Slippery Slope. What will happen now? Find out!

Part Nine Of Eleven, and considering how shit just hit the fan in this fanfiction, it’s obvious that I point out the ironic numbering.

Okay, one thing this guy keeps bringing up is STDs when mentioning about murdering homosexuals. Stuff like “he’s reduced to nothing more than his HIV infection” and “it killed all of them faster than an AIDs outbreak”. It’s really poor taste to do stuff like that. I don’t think the homosexuals feel right with always being associated with STDs, especially when said STDs can be easily transmitted with shared needles or blood transfusions. In fact, there are homosexuals who don't have STDs. It’s really ignorant of the author to do something like this. I really hate bringing up serious topics (as you can tell, I dance around this topic whenever I can) like these because I think they’re pushing the envelope in terms of what I can liveblog.

Sorry about that rant, moving on. Malachite vows revenge on Davey for killing his lover. Okay, good, an actual plot thread from the Anime that was kept. Malachite has a relationship with Zoisite and is taking a sensible option. Beryl doesn’t like Malachite’s constant grieving and reads a report on Davey. She is shocked to hear that Robotnik was his father and Serena’s as well and decides to do something about it. Ten bucks says Villain Team-Up.

Back to Denver where Davey is murdering monsters with glee without giving the Scouts any to fight with, however he does allow Mars to torch them with a Burning Mandela attack. Word of God then tells us that the Scouts have both versions of their attacks. Okay, that’s good. Suddenly Rito and Goldar enter the fray.

They establish that the Power Blaster in the previous chapter took out Colorado’s communications. Rito acts very perverted also... I’m not sure if that’s how his character rolls, but since it’s Those Two Bad Guys, I’ll let it slide. Consider yourself lucky.

So after handing their asses on a silver crystal platter, they begin to interrogate Goldar and Rito. Davey then shows the two what Zoisite is reduced to... an HIV virus.




Excuse me... I think my red wall needs a new coat of paint.

{walks away, and proceeds to bash his head on a red, bloodied wall, when he returns, his forehead is bleeding}

I have no idea which is more uncomfortable to read and liveblog. This or Cupcakes. Why did you mention that? To show the two that you are serious? Well I guess they aren’t convinced, as Davey then goes Cry For Justice on the two, torturing him to get information. I’m sure Linkara would love to read this piece of shit and react accordingly.


So Davey establishes who Zitkor is and soon Jason, Trini, and Zack pop by. Oooh good, So they were absent during the massacre. They tell Davey that the Command Center has been destroyed, the rangers are missing, and that they’re coming... Okay that last one was obviously a joke. So... Wait. We have Rito Repulsa and Goldar rid of their memories, and the center is destroyed... Is this going to retell the events of A Zeo Beginning? If so, then I wouldn’t mind. It’s a better subplot than a mass murder that’s only justified because of a speech summed up as “I was made fun of as a kid”. Edward takes the trio to Angel Grove while Davey decides to go to Cross World City, home of the VR Troopers.

And now they bring Doctor Who into this. Well then, I was wondering when this would show up. Davey takes them to Lamboghini, a TARDIS in the form of a car... So a DeLorian? Wait... does he mean Lamborgini? Wow. Spelling fail. Okay then, moving on. Lita mentions how this feels like a plot from a Batman episode (I think you mean the 60’s movie, but what do you know about 60's Batman? You lived in Japan!) and Davey hands them their morphers. Yes, their Power Morphers. Okay, I hate to admit this, but this is winning me back. It stopped being about Davey on his soap box and went back to a plot that is summed up as “Davey teams up with Sailor Moon using powers from the Power Rangers”. If the story manages to be at this pace, then I wouldn’t have to be all that angry.

Davey explains that they can summon armor and weapons. Mina is referred to as Minako. Everyone else is referred to by their dub name, but Mina is called Minako. WHY? It does make sense as Minako is from Japan, but really? Anyways, Davey then contacts Edward, who is calling the Banzai Institute to request some BattleTech Mechs.

Anyways, Serena and Raye begin to fight over Davey. Oh boy, more Mary Sue traits. Darien then welcomes him to the Sailor Scout experience. Now, Darien in this fic is written to be some sort of asshole who gets put down by a few people. A little fairer compared to the other fanfics, which depict him as an abusive husband. The two argue over who’s the better attractive male.

Darien: What makes you say that, Rookie?! I've been here since "A Moon Star is Born".

Did Darien just break the fourth wall there?

David: And what have you been doing all that time? You come in, throw a rose, say a bit of advice and leave?

THANK YOU! OH MY! THANK YOU! THIS RIGHT HERE SUMS UP ALL MY JOKES TOWARDS DARIEN PULLING A BIG DAMN HEROES! Davey. You made my day. From now on, I’m disregarding that massacre you pulled off. So the two fight, and the Scouts break it up. Serena whines about how the two are fighting over her and does an “anabe” (refer to part three, where I mention how he’s using the wrong term) and Raye pulls her aside and hammers in the fact that she is Davey’s sister. Ah yes, this plot thread. I forgot about it in the middle of that massacre *.

So Amy bashes in the unfortunate implications of the relationship, and they fight for Davey again. However the fight breaks apart as Luna tells the girls to get ready for their arrival to CWC... GOD DAMN IT!

The part ends there. Well, we got past the stupid part of this fanfic and I think we’re actually in the clear. I hope...


"This is the HIV virus I reduced Zoey to"

This reads like something Eric Cartman would come up with. Though if Eric Cartman came up with it, there'd be more Anti-Semitism.
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