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Let's Play Devil May Cry-Blind!
Bloody Fan Girl

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That ONE scene...
Mission two! Something about a cathedral! I can roll wit’ t’at!

Walking down a corridor I am once again confronted by marionettes. Pfft, they’re old news. I take ‘em out and head onwards. Only to be confronted by even more of the abominations on strings. AND THEY KEEP RESPWANING. After a spot of red orb farming I run to the other end of the corridor and happen across a statue of what looks like an anguished, wounded woman. Tropers reading this who’ve already played this game know which scenes coming up next. Did I mention that my eleven year old sister was still in the room, watching me play? Yeeeah…

The statue is impaled by a sword and after examining the inscription the sword dislodges itself before promptly lodging itself in Dante’s cheat (the man’s chest has seen a great deal of sword-perpetrated-abuse the past hour and a half of gameplay). Dante is knocked to the floor by the sword. I’m not all that worried about Dante’s well fare (he’s already taken a sword to the chest, he can take another…right?). Sure enough, Dante starts moving…with a great deal of blood gushing from his chest wound. Uh-oh. As Dante slowly rises up the blade of the sword I attempt to shield my sister’s eyes. “SHIELD THINE INNOCENT EYES, CHILD!” My sister, being eleven and being told to look away from something she’s not meant to see obviously wriggles away and sees the bloodier part of the scene anyway. The sword passes completely through Dante’s body. He grasps the hilt, raises it above his head. A lightening strike is emitted from it, dramatically shattering the glass directly above. By all accounts my sister didn’t seem too traumatised by this scene (Yes, yes, I know, I’m a horrible big sister). But hey! I got a sweet ass lightening BFS out of it (Alastor)!

Heading through the near by door I enter what looks like a library. On the upper level, on the right I come across a picture of a reaper. There’s a key and Dante asks whether he should take it. I hit ‘yes’ but feel like there’s something not quite right here. I can’t quite put my finger on what though. It’s just a rusty key anyway. On the upper level on the left side of the room I smash a table and find a new gun. The book cases recount something strange happening at the cathedral and the castle, with the occupants waiting for someone with a ‘strong heart’ to save them. Judging by how many times Dantes been stabbed in the chest AND SURVIVED I’d say he’s got a heart of steel. Buh-dum-dum-tsh.

Leaving the library, I equip my new goodies and head back down the corridor to test the new weapons out on the marionettes. The newly acquired shot gun is AWESOME, spraying groups of those bloody marionettes with satisfying, lead justice. Noticing another door on the left hand side of the corridor, I make Dante take his leave. Only to be mobbed by another gang of puppets. I died here. Again. I’m down to two yellow orbs now. The shotgun is best for combat in tighter, smaller areas (I.E. narrow corridors).

I unequip the shot gun and equip Ebony & Ivory in its place. Dante makes short work of the enemies on strings after that (mind you, the game seemed to have pitied me enough to drastically reduce the amount of enemies in that room upon Dante‘s respawn). Making my way up the ruined steps to the higher levels, I take out the marionettes waiting for Dante there. I help Dante make his way to the door at the top of the room, fight through another corridor until I happen upon what looks like a sarcophagus or coffin…or something (but is apparently ‘a ceremonial altar‘ to most fans). The inscription is somewhat cryptic but essentially informs the reader to whack it until it can’t be pushed back any further. Doing this revealed a hole in the floor which Dante promptly jumped down, landing in a fungified room. Examining a near by statue gave a staff of judgement. A door at the other end of the corridor rotates, opening up a passage way back to the library.

Yay, backtracking…or so it seems. Attempting to exit via the usual door resulted in it being covered by that weird laughing skull texture (THE SKULLS, THEY MOCK ME) that you often see on sealed doors in the game. Uh oh. This can’t be good. The camera cut to the reaper painting, the silhouette of the aforementioned harbinger of death fading…followed by some utterly chilling laughter. BOSS FIGHT! Whoop-de-flippin’-do. So yeah, a bunch of Sin Scissors materialise, proceed to scare the bejeebus out of me before then attacking me. Admittedly, they didn’t give me too much trouble but that laughter…it’s something else (AND IT CONTINUES AFTER YOU KILL THEM). Obviously, Dante is made to make a quick exit from that room.

Returning to the corridor outside…oh goody, demonic cockroaches. They aren’t too menacing though. Examining the nearby statue I see that it’s now completely different. It’s now a judge of Death statue and apparently looks like it ought to be holding something. Giving the staff of judgement (which I totally thought was going to become a badass weapon at some point in the game) to the statue opens the door to the cathedral.


Sixteen minutes but another D. ONWARDS!

It’s another one of those entering-with-the-door-closing-ominously-behind-you/no escape moments. Some serious shit is about to go down. The laughing skull texture occupies several doors. Oh dear…time to save.

Until next time.

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