A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!



So my run this Saturday's been... interesting. I finally finished up leveling my 1-star gear, meaning I can now fully move onto 2-star stuff! No more worries! : D

But that's not the topic I wished to discuss. What I want to talk about... is the 7th floor of my run.

It was a ghost-themed floor... with a horrible twist. Within the floor lay an unkillable gigantic ghost monster called the Grimalkin. The only ways to deal with it were either to run away, or light one of the giant purifying candles scattered about the stage.

It was an utter bitch. Dealing with little ghosts and skellies as well as trying to avoid getting hit while carrying fireballs was quite possibly one of the more frustrating challenges I've had to deal with so far. Not only that, but there was also an instance of having to run circles around the Grimalkin in a treasure stash area... and an arena fight near the end where I had to deal with both a shield monster and repeatedly lighting two candles to keep the Grimalkin at bay.

Combined with having to deal with ice skelly puppies all throughout the dungeon, it bears repeating - this was quite possibly one of the more frustrating challenges I've had to deal with so far. The only breath of relief I could have was immediately after that arena fight mentioned above. I may have had to do one more arena fight, but this time I had the protection of perma-candles! No more fireball-carrying and Grimalkin-dodging! : D

All in all, definitely a challenging addition to the floor layouts, and it gave me a run for my money! I'd play it again... though probably not by myself. XD