A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!


Snarbolax Round 4! Epic Moment!

So! I finally got into having a good run today!

I managed to buy 100 Crystal Energy off of a guy for around 2600 crowns. Really generous.

Went on a dungeon run with my girl jennytablina. I was eager to take on the Snarbolax again.

Our party started out alright. A full party of 4, and we even managed to take down the bonus arena on the first floor with only one casualty - mine. XD

But afterwards, things started looking dark.

When I started up the run, it was 45 minutes to server reboot. We were on a countdown. Our other two teammates went away after that first floor (one I had to kick due to connection problems), and we were joined by another temp on a deeper floor.

We reached depth 5. We had 15 minutes to get through 2 floors of multiple waves, with the Snarbolax right after on depth 7. I could only think one thing...

Bring it on.

And it did. And we thrashed it. The guy that joined us for this leg of the run, Blueyeti, was awesome at the fighting. Guy knew what he was doing, and it helped us greatly.

Unfortunately, jennytablina ended up dropping out due to worry about the timer, which by that point only gave us 5 minutes to kill the Snarbolax and get out. This left me with just Blueyeti at my side to take the beast on.

Said it before, I'll say it again: bring it on.

We did it all, including stopping at depth 8 to leave, in less than 5 minutes.