Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 19x - Das Magische Siegel

This map was... interesting. Fascinating chapter, considering my limitations.

First things first, I gave Florina the Speedwing and promoted Oswin. I often wondered, over the course of this map, if Canas would make better use of the Speedwing, but then Florina would be permanently gimped. Canas can still be useful, even if slightly slow. Time will tell, I suppose.

Sain, Oswin and Hector moved southwest immediately, the only way they could. Florina and Canas, however, were preparing something sinister...

Florina rescued Canas and dropped him in the westernmost mountain. When the enemy phase came around, Canas was able to slaughter every knight and severely injure the mages in a single turn. Before Kishuna appeared. Niime would be so proud.

There were a few issues with this plan, though. Because of those pesky Pegasus Knights, I needed to follow a specific path, or else they would follow south, instead of east. That specific path left Florina more vulnerable than desired, not to mention luring enemies away from Oswin & co. The RNG was not kind to my sanity.

Another issue was, Canas would get two level ups. In order to prevent a blockade from the surviving mages, he needed to either get Magic twice, or Speed once, or Crit-kill one of the mages. You'd be surprised to hear that, in all my attempts, getting Speed was the least frequent. (Luckily, in the successful attempt, he got both Speed and twice Magic)

After that decisive turn, Canas dealt with the survivors of his rampage, while Oswin, Hector and Sain dealt with the remaining frontline soldiers.

At this point, the Peg-Knights were still around. Florina, not being able to catch a break, took a vulnerary and bravely prevented a Level 20 Hector from wasting more experience.

Sain felt lonely at this point, so he went to cry at some ruins, where he met a foreboding figure who cheered him up with a Goddess Statue. Yeah, Sain was pretty useless in this chapter. At least he got a minor subplot for himself.

Back to the real battle, Oswin reached the ruins, and helped Hector down from Huey's back, just as Canas was finishing up his little genocide. The sudden Magic Seal slowed him down, but he still finished on time. Aion was all that was left... or was he?

I noticed he had unnatural amounts of dodging ability, where did that come from? After some thinking, I realized: the Magic Seal forced Aion to unequip his weapons, making him faster and nimbler. He was... Zero Suit Aion!

What to do, what to do...? Do I risk attacking or...? Maybe...this might be risky and improvised...but to hell with it, Hector, you're in range, attack Kishuna!

The Hand Axe hit, Kishuna was gone the following turn, and Aion regained access to his beloved Gewitter (Thunderstorm) and nearly murdered Florina. Not only that, but Hector enraged Kishuna's troops and they started attacking.

Thankfully, Oswin was blocking their way, so they attacked Hector. Which is why two of them died.

Aion was now slow and vulnerable. So naturally, Oswin had to...miss...but that's okay, Florina and Canas finished him just as easily, in the same turn. The problem was Hector not returning in time. One space away from the throne...

Still, the surviving units provided more experience, so not all's bad. The chapter went well, with a crazy strategy that worked, Canas unleashed the evil within while retaining his sanity, and Florina continues to be useful, despite her stats lagging behind, so this was a great battle to up everyone's morale.

Except Sain's.

Total Turns: 7

MVP: Canas. Easily.


Hector - Level 20 - A Axte

KP - 37

Stärke - 19

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 10

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 20

Resistenz - 6

Oswin - Level 1 - A Lanzen, E Axte

KP - 42

Stärke - 20

Fähigkeit - 17

Geschwindigkeit - 11

Glück - 9

Verteidigung - 21

Resistenz - 11

Florina - Level 13 - C Lanzen

KP - 23

Stärke - 9

Fähigkeit - 14

Geschwindigkeit - 15

Glück - 13

Verteidigung - 5

Resistenz - 10

Sain - Level 12 - C Lanzen, D Schwerten

KP - 29

Stärke - 14

Fähigkeit - 9

Geschwindigkeit - 12

Glück - 7

Verteidigung - 9

Resistenz - 4

Canas - Level 17 - A Dunkle Magie

KP - 29

Magische Kraft - 16

Fähigkeit - 13

Geschwindigkeit - 10

Glück - 10

Verteidigung - 9

Resistenz - 11

Thoughts: Canas is Magic-blessed and close to promotion! Florina is... still behind. Try to have a good level up next time, pretty please...?


Nice! I would have finished in 7 turns, but Aion dodged better than he apparently did for you, stalling for three rounds of misses. I hadn't thought about Kishuna unequipping him.

Although, I really can't see how you seized in 7 turns AND killed Kishuna with Hector...

I think your Florina is reacting in sympathy with her sister. Farina's first two level ups were nothing but HP; hopefully she'll promote soon and get those stat boosts.
montagohalcyon 3rd Aug 11
Yeah, every one of my characters had less than a 60% hit chance, and I didn't like those chances. Really like how it turned out, considering it was a last-minute realization.

As for Kishuna/Hector... Kishuna doesn't actually need to be killed. You hit him once, he leaves in his turn (Pretty sad, he was just trying to help). Thanks to Canas' bomb, and Florina's carrying, Hector was dropped in range for Kishuna by Turn...4, I think.
JonnasN 4th Aug 11
Wow, that was pretty clever. I really need to get to using Fiora as a Ferry for Hector. I have wings, I might as well use them.
Barrylocke 4th Aug 11