Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 17x - Der Hafen von Badon

As Stalwarts Unite plays in the background, Canas joins our ragtag bunch of misfits! The almighty tactician deems him to be one of the Chosen few... Whatever that means... At least he brought a rare book with him, though it somehow disappeared after Sain read it. Go figure.

Not much to say here. This chapter is usually easy when using Florina, and this was no exception. What I didn't expect was for her to be able to visit every single village (except the one with the Devil Axe, Hector went there). Since I could only reach Fargus on Turn 5 anyway, she could visit them all. And that's pretty much all she did, besides occasionally needing to fight back.

While Florina was out there winning the chapter by herself, the rest of the gang took this opportunity to train body and mind, by killing a bunch of pirates and assassins in a peaceful town in the middle of the day. Nothing unusual there, I think, Fargus must frequently hold similar competitions.

Anyway, with Oswin and Hector in the frontlines against Damian and the Meister Weapons, Sain and Canas could pick up the scraps easily. Sain even survived a critical arrow to the face. Like a boss.

Speaking of that battle: the Rittertod (Horseslayer) is pathetic in this game. Barely worth the trouble.

MVP: Florina

Turns: 5

I actually forgot to check the stats for this chapter... No biggie. Instead, here are a few curious German names I picked up:

  • Dread Isle —> Insel des Grauens (Island of Horrors)
  • Elfire —> Elfen Licht (Elven Light. Mistranslation or Woolseyism? You decide)
  • Killer Axe/Bow —> Meister Axt/Bogen (Woolseyism to the max)
  • Lancereaver —> Lanzenmeister (They sure do love their Meisters...But I like the implication that this sword likes to boss the lances around)
  • Swordreaver (or was it a Swordslayer?) —> Zwingaxt (Forceful Axe. Weird term, it implies that the axe forces swords to behave, or something)


When I started playing FE 6 recently I was shocked at how useful the horse/armorslayers were compared to the prequel. Guess someone thought they were overpowered?

Of course, you also don't get the Wolf Biel or Mani Katti and the Rapier isn't particularly awe-inspiring.
montagohalcyon 1st Aug 11
Hm, good point about the Wolf Beil and the Mani Katti. Still, it's a weird balancing decision, only main characters can wield them, limiting their usefulness.

Still, the Horse/Armorslayer and the like have been nerfed beyond the point of usefulness. They're pretty much pointless, now. At least the reaver weapons are still useful.
JonnasN 2nd Aug 11