Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 15 - Der Griffer der Krallen

This chapter is laughably easy. I had the enemy routed by turn 4.

Hector took care of the north entrance and killed almost all the enemies, entirely with his Wurfbeile. Serra, being the only unit available in the area, ended up being the one who attracted Sealen by being in Longbow range.

Oswin easily smashed almost every unit in the south. He even took this opportunity to use the Göttin (Goddess) to increase his luck.

Matthew easily pilfered the Laus coffers, and even stole an extra lockpick. Nice.

Marcus, in his final chapter, took care of two enemies, one on Hector's side, the other on Oswin's side. Both were problematic, and needed to be taken care of immediately.

Both Hector and Oswin were MV Ps, but Hector only used Hand Axes, and even killed Sealen like that. By virtue of being the most badass, he takes it.

Total Turns: 8 (Defend shenanigans...)

MVP: Hector


Hector - Level 14 - B Axte

KP - 31

Stärke - 15

Fähigkeit - 11

Geschwindigkeit - 9

Glück - 8

Verteidigung - 18

Resistenz - 4

Oswin - Level 14 - B Lanzen

KP - 33

Stärke - 15

Fähigkeit - 12

Geschwindigkeit - 5

Glück - 7

Verteidigung - 17

Resistenz - 6


Oh hey, you're back! Nice to see you again!

That was a really easy chapter. I thought I remembered it being a little harder. Maybe it's because people are overleveled?
montagohalcyon 28th Jul 11
It's probably the overleveled Hector, plus the fact that we have no qualms about using Marcus. In a normal playthrough, we avoid using him much.

  • sigh* Farewell, Rittmeister Marcus. You were a valuable ally.
JonnasN 29th Jul 11
Huh, an asterisk creates that paragraph? Didn't know that one :P
JonnasN 29th Jul 11