Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 14 - Falsche Freunde

So, I find my first huge chapter. I thought Oswin would be good for defending Merlinus only, with Marcus taking care of the south, and Hector taking care of the main bulk. However, in practice...

Hector was the one to take care of those starting rear soldiers. Oswin took care of that soldier standing in Serra's way. Marcus the Rittmeister did as originally planned and headed south, taking out a pesky Archer and a pesky Mercenary along the way.

Then, by using an unexpectedly available opportunity, Marcus brings Hector to the main battlefield, and Oswin is near enough to drop him. Thus, Hector and Oswin find a way to press forward while killing anything on the way (even that Armor Knight near the village, punked by a Wurfbeil). This duo of tanks, covering each other's weaknesses, manages to kill Erik and his men in few turns.

Meanwhile, Rittmeister Marcus was busy. He moved south and took care of a cavalier and the two pirates in a single turn, thanks to strategic positioning. He then rushes back full speed, before those blasted pegasi reach Merlinus. The rain does not help matters.

Meanwhile, Lowen followed Marcus, looking to recruit Priscilla and sell a Rapier. In the end, there was literally no reason for him to do this.

When the rain finally stopped, it turns out, Hector can actually visit the northern village in the spot he's in! I didn't plan this, it was a nice surprise. Eisenklinge für mich! In the last turn, too.

And thus, Rittmeister Marcus finished off the second Pegasus Knight. Marcus really took care of all the tricky spots in this chapter.

Total Turns: 8

MVP: Marcus


Hector - Level 13 - B Axte

KP - 30

Stärke - 15

Fähigkeit - 10

Geschwindigkeit - 9

Glück - 7

Verteidigung - 18

Resistenz - 3

Oswin - Level 13 - B Lanzen

KP - 32

Stärke - 14

Fähigkeit - 11

Geschwindigkeit - 5

Glück - 5

Verteidigung - 16

Resistenz - 5

Thoughts:Hector is an effin' tank! Oswin's speed suffers still.