Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 13 - Suche nach Wahrheit

For this chapter, I decided to take the northwestern route. It's shorter, there's less enemies, it's easier to recruit Guy, and I need to visit that village to unlock 13x.

The chapter starts with Oswin destroying that snag. Dorcas gives Hector his Eisenaxt (Iron Axe), because we need to start sparing the Wolfbeil instead of using it in anything that moves. Lowen rescues Matthew and stays near the frontlines (yet never attacking or being attacked). Marcus, despite being far away, quickly catches up and carries the slower Oswin.

Meanwhile, Hector (like montagohalcyon's) crossed the river to kill those Pegasus Knights (needed the Wolfbeil for one, but the Iron Axe sufficed for the other one).

Meanwhile, a bandit and an archer decide to stalk me from behind. They simply lurk there, because they're always out of range.

Soon enough, Hector crosses the river and Marcus drops Oswin near the castle at around the same time. Hector made short work of the cavaliers (Wolfbeil again) while Oswin laughed in the face of an archer and killed him without too much trouble.

Hector, once again being such an MVP, went into a forest, equipped the Hand Axe, and lured a bunch of units, including Guy. He injured them all, except Guy.

Matthew, out of Lowen's horse by now, swooped in and almost stole from Guy, before recognizing him and talking to him (True story: I thought "Stehle" referred to a conversation, but it actually means "Steal")

Guy, coming along for his Schnitter (Cutter/Reaper/Whatever), gives it to Matthew and helps form a meatshield operation, to save Matthew's life. You see, there are many, many enemies here that could easily kill him in two hits. Thankfully, since Hector had injured them earlier, they all ran away like the pansies they are (except for the one brave cavalier among their ranks who attacked Guy, though he missed)

Meanwhile, Hector was bored of this debacle and went for Boies to easily kill him with Oswin's help and blessing. He seized shortly after.

What about Marcus? Marcus retreated earlier, to see Merlinus off in that village and take a Fackel (Torch), as well as to kill those previously-mentioned lurkers.

Regrets? The Mine village was destroyed, ravaged by a bandit, dozens killed for the sake of a low turn count :( At least Hector raised both Skill and Speed twice :)

Total Turns: 7

MVP: Hector


Hector - Level 9 - B Axte

KP (HP) - 26

Stärke (Strength) - 11

Fähigkeit (Skill) - 9

Geschwindigkeit (Speed) - 8

Glück (Luck) - 5

Verteidigung (Defense) - 14

Resistenz (...Really?) - 3

Oswin - Level 10 - B Lanzen

KP - 29

Stärke - 14

Fähigkeit - 9

Geschwindigkeit - 5

Glück - 3

Verteidigung - 14

Resistenz - 3

Thoughts: Oswin needs a Speedwing. I also need to swap items around...


Have you had any other amusing mistranslation mishaps?

Thought my turncount was bad after reading this, but then remembered 1) I had to take an extra turn solely due to the RNG's displeasure and 2) Oswin can one-shot snags.

I managed to rescue the mine village...but then had to discard the mine anyway. Merlinus, where are you?!
montagohalcyon 11th Jul 11
So far, this was the only grave mistranslation accident. I'm understanding the cutscenes better and better, now.

Thinking about it, destroying that snag was the only significant contribution Oswin had in this chapter. After that, he wasted Marcus' time by forcing him to carry him, killed an archer and gave Hector help he didn't need. But it really was great help, Marcus alone would have wasted so much time.

According to Serenes, my Hector is above average (except strength) and, Zagan aside, the RNG has been mostly kind to me, as Hector and Oswin mostly hit. Maybe I really am being lucky.

Also, I actually did restart at one point because Marcus had to discard the torch (that wasn't the only reason, the entire strategy was faulty, though). Amazing how much we take Merlinus for granted, I suppose I need to repay him in the next chapter.
JonnasN 11th Jul 11
Ah, thanks for the serenes forest tip. I was wanting to post a + or - to show how my stats compare to the averages, but I didn't know where to find the average stats besides 20/20. Somehow I didn't think to check Serenes forest :P
Barrylocke 12th Jul 11