Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem

Jonnas N

Kapitel 11 - Noch ein Reise

Did you know that "Beil" means "Hatchet" in German? And the Hand Axe is called "Wurfbeil", that is, "Disposable Hatchet". This is so awesome.

Hector took the lower route, using mainly his Wurfbeil to get rid of archers, while Matthew hid in a safe corner. The armour knight slowed Hector a slight bit, forcing him to use the Wolfbeil, but no biggie. He even got an awesome level up, everything but Res.

Soon enough, Hector got a clear route to Wire, while Matthew snuck in and stole a Feuer Juwel (Fire Jewel), that cheeky thief. Wire, just to spite me, decided to use a vulnerary instead of attacking and killing himself on his turn. Bastard.

Total turns: 8

MVP: Hector