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Conquering Eurasia, but not My Asia
Five X

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Pre-Live Blog Prep
With my Disgaea Live Blog just one entry away from completion, I've decided to put up the entry for my next series, a live blog of Rome Total War, more specifically the huge total conversion kinda mod for it called Europa Barbarorum, which is totally awesome and you should play it too if you don't already. There are a few things first that I want to mention/ask before I actually start liveblogging this thing:

I hope you enjoy this liveblog to be! I promise this will actually be a Total War liveblog that actually gets finished.

7th Jul '11 12:18:40 AM flag for mods
Aww, I like Carthage.

Not, necessarily, in the game; just historically I like Carthage.
BlackHumor 7th Jul 11
As do I! I would've played Carthage if it weren't for the fact that I play them a lot and I wanted to go back to a Hellenistic faction other than the Seleukids. People totally only play that faction for the ridiculous unit roster. :P
Five_X 7th Jul 11
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