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Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog

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Ferris Wheel. That is all.
I headed into the amusement park.

Me: Well, seems harmless enough...

However, I took no more than 9 steps before I ran into a familiar face.

Black Clad Fangirl: Hi Pent.

She walked over.

BCF: Funny seeing you here.

Me: Not really. You just got your badge haven't you?

BCF: Yes I have. Have you been on the Ferris Wheel yet?

Me: I just got here...

BCF: We should go on the Ferris Wheel together.

Me: I don't know... It's sorta infamous for being a dating spot...

BCF: Come on, it will be fun!

Me: Fine...

We board the Ferris Wheel. Once it reaches the top and stops to take on more passengers...

BCF: Ferris Wheels are so nice... To touch the sky like the birds...

Me: They're good I guess...

BCF: If we weren't this sure about our friendship, this would be rather romantic.

Me: Yep...

BCF: Pent... There's something I need to tell you...

Me: Huh?

BCF: I am Greg Palmer's new agent...

Me: 0_0

BCF: And he's set me a very specific task...

Me: Which is?

BCF: Eliminate you.

Me: 0-0

BCF: But... I don't want to...

Me: ~Phew~

BCF: But when we get down there, only I am going to step out of the cart.

Me: What?

BCF: -Hands me a piece of fabric- Aim for the water. -Pushes me out the window-

Me: 0_0 -Aims for the water-
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