Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Going Through the Desert. No Horse Was Availible.

Deserts are big places. Usually. In this case the desert bit I was going through was rather short.

And after I went through it, I realized Susan most likely meant the large part of the desert, Desert Resort.

So I went there.

Me: Susan? You out here?

A Maractus wandered up. Well, I say Maractus but it looked more like a combination of a Maractus and a Cacturne. Or a Maractus and a Lopunny.

Susan: <Come on, let's go>

The Maractus walked back towards town.

Me: Okay.

I followed.

Me: Should I ask about the...?

Susan: No.

We walked quickly and awkwardly to Nimbasa City.

Susan: You might want to properly catch me now.

Me: Oh, right.

I tossed a pokeball at Susan, catching her. Then I decided to head to the amusement park in the town because that's where the gym is located.

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