Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Gym Battle: Arti Burgh of Castelia City

I get through the gym. By having Carl melt the honey-walls.

Me: Hi Burgh.

Burgh: ... -Looks at the remains of the honey-walls- ... ಠ_ಠ

Me: We were supposed to redirect water streams to melt the walls weren't we?

Burgh: -Watches as one of the jesters attempts to stop one of the gate mechanisms from shorting out- No...

Me: Oh. Well anyway, -Battle stance- Time to take down the queen of this hive! ... ... Well, that analogy has some unfortunate implications...

Burgh: ~Sigh~ -Sends out Whirlipede-

Whirlipede: <I shall shread the flesh from your bones!>

Me: 0_0 -Sends out Carl-

-Carl and Whirlipede battle, Whirlipede is knocked out, but Carl is poisoned-

Burgh: Good job Whirly... -Recalls Whirlipede and sends out Dwebble-

Dwebble: ~Dwebbledwebbledwebble~ <Dwebble rush!> -Charges Carl-

Carl: -Already pretty reeling from the poison- <Don't cry for me... ALA-BA-MA!> -Faints-

Me: Aww. -Recalls Carl, sends out Oakley-

-Oakley faints the Dwebble easily, leaving one mon left for Burgh-

Burgh: ... -Sends out Leavanny-

Leavanny: <Ach, is a little grassy snake thingy. I wills make short workings of him, ya?> -Attacks-

-Oakley and Leavanny continue to battle-

Oakley: -Dodges an attack, then fires off an abnormally powerful attack- <HAHA!>

Leavanny: -Is knocked down- <Ach! Is not in the fairfullness!> -Faints-

Burgh: -Recalls Leavanny- ... Congratultions I guess... - Gives me the badge and TM and walks off to help repair the gym-

-~- Pent obtained the Insect Badge! -~-

-~- Pent obtained TM76! -~-

(TM76 is Struggle Bug. It's a bug type move that lowers the opponent's Special Attack with each hit. Something to consider for a mon that can tank hits and has enough stats to make the meager damage worthwhile.)

Oakley begins glowing.

Oakley: !!! 0_0 !!!

Me: !!! 0_0 !!!

Oakley evolves.

Me: ... ... But the Everstone... -Faints-