Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog


Skyarrows and Castelia Cones

I wander onto Skyarrow Bridge.

Me: -Looks around- Whoa.

The bridge is huge. Bigger than pretty much any other bridge in the world. And most of it is highway.

I walk across it and head into Castelia.

Me: This place is pretty big I guess...

I check the gym.

Me: Oh, not open yet... Okay.

I decide to explore the city, after getting a water stone that Carl does not wish for me to use on him and dropping in on the Game Freak offices I head back to the gym, which is now open.

Me: Well, now we can get through this and head out to the next town. -Heads in-

-The gym has a distinct scent of sickening sweetness and the source is plain to see. Every wall of the gym is covered in a thick layer of honey. Or a painting-


Burgh's got a sweet place there.
Hobgoblin 25th Dec 11